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I can't believe this! Where are the military?

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In the end, we see that other communities outside of New Orleans have seen the same slow response as New Orleans has. You can blame the mayor in NO if you want (and I think part of the fault lies with the local gov't), but the fact that coastal Mississippi is largely reporting a lack of much aid until day 4-5 after the hurricane, shows that, unless every single local mayor is to blame, the relatively slow response lies partly with federal entities.
Word. I am certainly not wealthy. I live paycheck to paycheck... if I am lucky. And I don't live anywhere near the coast, or even a flood plane. But I darn sure have a week's worth of food, water, batteries, candles, communications, and medicines stored and ready for use. You don't have to be rich to be smart.

i just bought 60 (the small ones, not the gallons) bottles of water from a local grocery store for 8 dollars and 54 cents. im sure these people could spare that much seeing they are wearing Nike basketball shoes.

Remember it was the end of the month when katrina hit. This months checks had not come in yet. If they are on welfare the money is usually wasted the first weeks and towards the end of the month there is none. Other wise there should have been alot more mothers with diapers and water in garbage sacks and not be griping because no one has diapers for you 2 days after you left your residense.
Thanks Jay. I'm glad we have several emergency services people here.

Cool. More Emergency Services people here than I realized. Me too. Volunteer FF for 16 years and State Cert. Arson Investigator.
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