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Hurricane chasing 2004 - Bring it on!

Good evening all,

Swew, finally got the first updates on hurricane Ivan, the storm I chased from 9-14 through 9-16 in the FL Panhandle and Alabama, on my web site for all to see. The main link is below...


For those who have not been tuning in, hurricanes Frances and charley can be viewed at the links below...


And finally, tropical storm Bonnie, as whimpy as she was, was chased near Panama City, FL before all these storms started bullying Florida in the first place at this link below...


What a "rock and roll" hurricane season for chasing, feels more like the 1960's instead of 2004. All this does have a down side, the loss of life and property, that is the only thing that really depresses me. I hate seeing death, I hate destruction, but i love storms and what makes them "tick", that's the only down side to my chasing.

Tese storms have a majestic beauty to them but at the same time leave marks in your head that you seem to recall at things like birthdays and any other event that makes you appreciate "ife". Sometimes, it even brings tears to my 34 year-old eyes.

Well, two and a half months until November 30 ;-(

Take care everyone,

Chris Collura - KG4PJN