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Huge wave at Kiama, Australia

We have had two very large swells here in NSW, Australia over the past month. The two swells came from setups that were very different. The first ex tropical cyclone Wati, and the latest a very deep cold core low combined with a strong high - almost a text book winter chart.

Here is a picture of a wave crashing against the headland at Kiama.


A larger 1024 pixel photo is here!

You can also see a funny 4 photo sequence of what happens when another wave at Kiama blowhole catches the crowd unawares. If you look closely you will see that one person completely dissapears in the spray, another shields himself with his mobile (cell) phone.

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4


Sorry I don't have chase pictures instead, but at last the 2005/2006 season here in Australia is over, and it was the poorest south of about 31'S I can recall, and I have been weather chasing since the 1970's. I am relieved it is over, it is like a very sick pet that has finally stopped suffering and died.

Michael Thompson
Awesome pix Michael,

greetings from Sydney, yeah was a dreadful season compared to the last few yrs
yup did get some chases in but havent got pix up on the www site yet.

Just looking forward to getting to the USA midwest in may for ~ 3-4 weeks of
chasing over there .... hopefully will be much better :)