How many tornadoes have you seen this season?

I already made a thread identical to this one a few weeks ago. Anyways, I simply don't count anymore, its too much of a pain and "controversial", but I have seen somewhere over a dozen tornadoes between May until now...
Absolutely none!!! Spent the last two weeks in May chasing ridged junk, flew back for a quickie Saturday chase June 4th and missed the Hiawatha tornadoes by a few miles due to poor road choice. ARRGGGG!! I hate 2005. This has been the worst year ever. Not only did I not see any tornadoes, I hardly saw any decent structure.

Bill Hark
As Amos, David, etc, could testify, there were some incredible supercells in the plains this year. Unfortunately, they were very few and far between. The past week has been pretty good, as there have been 1 or 2 awesome supercells pretty much every day. However, if you weren't on those storms, there wasn't much to see. Yesterday was awesome if you were on the southern storm, but I don't know of anyone who target that area that far southwest (east of Lubbock). For me, it was a battle between waiting as long as possible in the much better tornado environment near CDS (very strong low-level shear there, while the shear east of LBB was much weaker owing to poor low-level flow), and facing reality that north Texas was not going to light up. More often than not, the southern storm takes the cake, and that was indeed the case yesterday. The storm turned hard right, which signficantly increased its SRH enough to produce large tornado(es). I needed to face reality earlier than I did and should have hit up the tail-end charlie with the rest of the folks. I'm just frustrated that I happened to be on the wrong storm nearly every chase...
No tornadoes at all this year. I'm thinking of writing my congressman to plead for Federal assistance in alleviating this year's tornado shortage ;).
I have 8 which I am glad to have considering the pickings but have missed a few big days due to obligations or now medical reasons. I dont feel bad because most of the days I could chase we had the right target area so its not like I blew any chases just couldnt always chase or the target was too far for me to get too.

I will say May 12th near South Plains was the storm of the year for me and Kanani and made the rest of the year icing. Just wish I could have chased this past saturday and sunday.
Amazing... saw only 5 up through yesterday, then observed the southern cell produce 16 tornadoes !!! :shock:

This one definitely falls into the "luck" category. My chase partners and I were basically on this storm from start to finish.

So if my math is correct, I've managed to get 21 tornadoes on video and photo this year.
Spent the last two weeks in May chasing ridged junk, flew back for a quickie Saturday chase June 4th and missed the Hiawatha tornadoes by a few miles due to poor road choice. ARRGGGG!! I hate 2005.

C'mon Bill--you got to chase with me and that's always...well, it's sometimes...but every now and again...The important thing is...

Well, you got to chase with me :)

One tornado...after dark...lasting <15 seconds. Says it all this year.

But...I did catch all those rainbows (see previous posts).
2005 Stats thus far...

MILES: 11,240

Despite a horrid home stretch, I did fairly well on the days I got to chase. As always, I missed much of the "meat" of the season as it occurred late into the year and of course far, far away from Norman. Despite my modest numbers, the tornadoes I did see were very cool, and often-times not seen by many others, yielding what should be a fairly unique DVD late this year. I'm just thankful I get the opportunity to chase, and am just grateful to be out there to begin with. There's nothing better in the Universe than chasing and documenting tornadoes on video.
I am sitting at 13. I would have been at 14, but I dropped one from earlier this season that I am not sure about. Hopefully the season still has a couple good tornado days left.
I had 6 chase days in the plains and drove a total of 8170 miles. Total tornado days were 3. I have got 7 tornadoes on video and several others that were brief either on video or camera and a couple of questionable ones. Not counting any of the question marks my total is 9. Three of the tornadoes were on the ground for longer than two minutes and two were greater than a quarter mile in width. My favorite one of the season was hands down the South Plains storm since it was pretty big and I was so close (less than a quarter mile). The biggest regret I have is not driving past the north cell on Monday to get to the south cell. All in all there were not that many tornadoes this year and there were very few large ones so I'm happy with what I did get. I'm done chasing tornadoes this year and will be moving on to the hurricanes. I enjoyed meeting so many of you and can't wait for next year (hopefully it is better than this one). Congrats to everyone on there catches.
this year

7 tornadoes for me, all in June. 6 of them came on Sunday the 12th. Not a bad way to end my season.
I saw two, when I wasn't chasing anything, just minding my own business! One was way too close and the other was white against a pure black sky. I told you folks, just walk out my back door and you'll get more than you bargined for! :wink: 8) :D
Not nearly enough. I'll be happy when I break MikeDs level for the year. I'm hoping for that one BIG multivortex event that puts me up over 100 for the year. Crossing fingers!!!
Originally posted by Mike Hollingshead
Not nearly enough. I'll be happy when I break MikeDs level for the year. I'm hoping for that one BIG multivortex event that puts me up over 100 for the year. Crossing fingers!!!


And to think here in Nebraska we haven't even hit the season of the weak, skinny landspouts which form under those July multicell clusters or their bigger cousins born from those HP bulldozers screaming south through here! A day like July 12, 2004 could certainly be worth 15-25 (or more!) tornadoes with some of the newer counting methods that have surfaced this season.

Catch me if you can H! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA


For this year, I will total my count of tornadoes at 14. Breaking it down farther, saw three small ones on May 13 in Texas, one on May 17 in Nebraska, another in Colorado on May 30, one on May 31 in Texas, and --MOST SPECTACULARLY-- At least EIGHT from one storm in Texas on June 12, 2005!


Here is just two of many tornadoes from the June 12 "dream chase".

Now, here is the tricky part, one of the tornadoes (I called it #6) on May 12 near Spur was multi-vortex. One large parent meso / tornado-cyclone spawining 8 fully-condensed suction (sub) vortices under it, sometimes two simultaneously. I counted this as ONE tornado (#6 on that cyclic supercell storm) since it was multi-vortex. Counting the sub-vortices would make the count go to about 20 or 21 ;-)

More details on June 12, 2005 are available below...
Conservatively speaking, 12 - but possibly as many as 15, depending on the final tally from June 12 in Kent County, TX.

1 on May 30 near Pritchett, Colorado
1 on June 7 near Wanblee, South Dakota
5 on June 9 in Trego, Graham, Ellis and Rooks counties, Kansas
5 to 8 on June 12 in Kent County, Texas

Saw my first genuine wedge in Kent County on the 12th.

A 'rags-to-riches' season that started gloomy and ended up as good as 2004!
This year, I have seen a total of 12... all the real photogenic tornadoes were on April 10... everything else was buried in rain, horribly constrasted, or at night...

April 10: 5 in West Central Kansas

May 12: 2 in the Texas Caprock
May 13: 2 in Northern Texas
May 17: 1 in Southern Nebraska

May 30: 1 in Southeast Colorado
June 12: 1 in Central Texas

I missed the week in June due to work which served up gold dishes to those who could get out. This year has turned into more of a stat-padding year as aside from April 10's beauties, I haven't really had anything photogenic to speak of. Been a rough year for nice tornadoes for me.
27 tornadoes from 9 tornado days.
25,000+ miles of driving across 12 states.

1- March 21. Paris, TX
1- May 17. Cozad, NE
1- May 30. Pritchett, CO
1 - May 31. Amherst, TX
4 - June 6. Ekalaka, MT
1- June 7. Wanblee, SD
8 - June 9. Hill City / Ellis, KS
4 - June 11. Wayside, TX
6 - June 12. Jayton, TX

Scott Blair
1. And nothing glorius but for my first tornado on the ground I am fully and completly satisfied for the season. Dosen't mean I'm done chasing, and after last nights even south of Alva, i am hopeing that this isn't the end for the season!