Ham Radio Frequencies

Mike Sharp

As a UK ham not familiar with US frequencies, What are the main frequencies that are used?VHF/UHF are probably out of the UK band plan but am iterested anyway. If any HF bands used as well curious because I might set ut my HF station to listen for reports on Frances and Ivan when he comes.
The other reason is that if I am ever going to get the chance to come over the pond it would be nice to see if I could get the extended frequencies put int my portable rig FT817.
The Hurricane Watch Net is on 20M at 14.325MHz.

The 2M FM calling frequency in the US is 146.520MHz, and you'll find simplex operators on 146.540, 146.550, and 147.420MHz. The simplex subbands are 144.9-145.2, 145.5-145.8, 146.4-146.61 and 147.39-147.6 Pretty much everything between these ranges are repeater freq pairs.

On 70CM, simplex is 433-435MHz, and 445-447MHz, with the calling freq at 446MHz. Repeaters are from 442-445, and 447-450MHz. In the US, 420-430MHz are not open to amateurs along the Canadian border. I don't use 70CM much, so I can't tell you where the simplex ops congregate.

Hope this helps!
Two specific repeater freqs you want to program in are 146.94 and 146.88. When the FCC first allowed repeaters, they restricted the range of frequencies and it included these two. So, you will find quite a few repeaters on these freqs. Many are used for Skywarn storm spotting operations because that was a major motivation for putting up repeaters in the first place.

Also be aware that many repeaters in urban areas require CTCSS tones on the input. The repeaters aren't necessarily closed, the operators are just triying to keep out interference.