For SALE: Eastern USA Tornado Video Compilation "Eastern Fury"

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
After 2 years of research and investigation, I have finally released Eastern Fury, an amazing collection of rare tornado video from the eastern United States. There are over 30 tornadoes captured by amateurs, media and some storm chasers. It has taken a long time to secure permission and copies of these rare videos for inclusion on this DVD.
Highlights include the only known footage of the 1953 Worcester, MA tornado, multiple views of the La Plata MD F4 tornado and Punta Gorda, FL white tornado, close views of the Myrtle Beach tornado, the northern Virginia tornado outbreak due to Hurricane Ivan, April 2006 Gallatin, TN tornado and January 2006 Georgia tornadoes. The DVD is almost all tornadoes (or in a few cases, the storm before the tornado) with very little damage. Information is provided about each tornado. The footage is straightforward with natural audio unless not present on the original source material.
This 2 hour and 14 minute DVD is double layer and professionally replicated for maximal quality.
For a complete listing of featured tornadoes (and images), highlights clip and ordering info, go to
Eastern Fury DVD website

Bill Hark
I am not going to go through every chapter of this AWESOME DVD because I think that would require a full day of writing. What I will say is that this DVD is a MUST have for ALL chasers, weather enthusiast, or even just the general public. With 30 chapters of non-stop insane tornado footage this DVD will be one of your favorites of all times I am sure.

Bill has obviously put a lot of time, work, and money into this production and it is well worth the $25. This DVD is as professional as professional can be because Bill has taken the extra step and had the DVD replicated rather than duplicated which nearly eliminates the disc read problems you have with recordable media –R +R. So Bill great job and I am very impressed.

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Mickey has summed things up quite well, so I won't add much more than to say it's one of the best compilation videos I have ever seen...well done, William! In addition to a lot of rarely before seen video, it's nice to have the full clips of several more well known scenes. It will be on high rotation this winter (and probably next spring since I am in Oklahoma!). I wish it were possible to see more videos like this put out.

My copy arrived today, and let me just second what Mickey and Rob have said. BUY THIS VIDEO! There is footage here that is as compelling as anything I have seen from the alley. For example, the Myrtle Beach video is jaw-dropping awesome! So are several of the tornadoes associated with tropical systems - this may be the best compilation of such tornadoes ever. I definitely recommend this one.
OMG ! This is an amazing DVD ! Bill, great job of compiling all these videos. I have seen allot of tornado video but almost every shot on this DVD is new to me. Those are some Awesome Waterspouts and UP CLOSE TOO ! WOW ! The Myrtle Beach tornadic waterspout video is insane, The Port Canaveral tornadic waterspout video is insane, The Punta Gorda waterspout video is insane too. Those shots of the La Plata twin tornadoes going over the river with the sun setting in the background are amazing. It's amazing to listen to the audio as well and see how everyone’s reaction is a little different. Most stuck in there until the end to film the tornado as it narrowly passes by them. It's funny to hear the wives in the background saying "get in the house' and 90% of the time the photographer says "agh I'll be there in a minute". People are naturally intrigued by tornadoes. This is a must have for anyone interested in Tornadoes.

This DVD rocks !:)
I received Bill Hark's 134 minute "Eastern Fury" DVD a few days ago and had a chance to watch it last evening. Being from the East I had two expections. One that I would see a bunch of the same old tired archival footage of Eastern tornado events that I've seen before, and two; that most of the footage would be of low contrast and barely visible tornadoes. I couldn't have been more wrong!

Many of the tornadoes are stunningly beautiful and highly contrasted, rivaling those found on the Great Plains. Even though almost all of the video was captured by regular folks on vacation or sitting at home, the steadiness and quality of the tornado video is often suberb! The insane footage from Myltle Beach, Port Canaveral, or Punta Gorda comes to mind and is well worth the purchase price alone.

But "Eastern Fury" features another element of interest in addition to the incredible tornadoes, and that is the human element. A common thread is revealed as to how people react when faced with a looming disaster. A genuine terror can often be heard in the voices of many of the folks, friends, and family members filming video the tornado as it is perceived to be bearing down on their location. AND...sometimes it really is! Other times the commentary is downright hilarious. This video is a true collectors item for any tornado aficionado.

I have had a number of people ask me about dual layer DVD's and my production. Eastern Fury, tornadoes of the Eastern United States is a commercially pressed double layer DVD (from a glass master) and should play in almost all DVD players. After selling many DVD's, I have had no complaints regarding playability including from Europe. I also tried a number of DVD players at Circuit City including a Blue-Ray which is backwards compatable with DVDs and had no difficulty. Interestingly, the DVD player that did not work using my home-burned master worked when using the commercial pressed version. If the eastern Fury doesn't work, I'll send another copy or refund.

Bill Hark
EASTERN FURY: Tornadoes of the Eastern United States
a collectors must buy

Yes, this is truly a collection must. I had Jared Farrer order my copy and once we had a chance to watch it we were quite impressed... and of course the jaws dropped on the Myrtle Beach tornado that decides to become a waterspout. Very Awesome, Nice work!

Thanks Bill!
I finally got some free time and was able to watch Bill's Eastern Fury DVD this weekend - all I have to say is WOW! The Myrtle beach waterspout that comes right up the beach and is filmed from a hotel balcony is just amazing. It was great to see all of this footage captured on one DVD. I'd highly recommend everyone get a copy! :)
I have gotten in another shipment of Eastern Fury as I have been briefly out. Sorry about any previous delays in orders. The price is still $25 post paid for US orders and $28 for non-USA orders post paid.

As your know, this is a 2 hour and 14 minute DVD of rare and dramatic tornado footage in the East from 1953 to 2006. See the beginning of the thread for order details and stills or go to this link:


Bill Hark
Bill, you're the man! I just watched my copy & agree w/ the rest of the reviews. There isn't any recycled footage that I've already viewed several times on other videos & T.V. documentaries. I highly recommend it.
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