Cool and close tornado video

Check out the following amateur tornado video from the Lake Anna area of Virginia (north of Richmond, south of Fredericksburg) It is a long download with dial-up and you need Quicktime but it is worth the wait. A little shaky but cool. Chasers usually don't get this close. There was a lot of tornado video from the Virginia outbreak on Sept 17 from the remnants of Ivan but much of it was only briefly shown onlocal stations in D.C and Richmond.

Washington Times Article with nice photo

Northern Va preliminary tornado damage reports.

William T. Hark Photography
:shock: Wow! A little too close for comfort right there...can't believe he let the tornado basically get on top of him and he didn't even run inside...probably just dumb luck that the tornado didn't run him over.
Seems to be this eternal fascination with filming a tornado - how many videos have I seen where the person filming is shouting every 5 seconds about getting down and out of the way, but they never stop shooting. :newb:
Do you think the Good Lord looks down at him and chuckles.. *LOL* Great footage! A bit too close for comfort, but cool as hell none the less! :) 8) :D