Chaser Reports from the 29 May 2001 N. Supercell

I'm only interested in chase reports from those of you that were on the northernmost storm. This cell went on to produce several tornadoes (including an F3) near White Deer, TX.

In specifc, I am looking for visual information about precip around and just S/SE of the tornado near the RFD. Image/videos with a location/time would be great. I'm basically interested in 2345-0020z or so.

Why do I need the information? I'm trying to relate what's going on in radar data with visual evidence. If I end up using the information, I will of course credit you in my work.

Hi Aaron,

Michael James and I were on this storm early. Michael has a detailed report online, including times, too bad he removed the larger versions of the photographs.

I have my photos up on
but most photos without time indication.

I took video as well, most of it is not online (some in the Weather Movies gallery), but I do have a complete video which should provide more info about timing, especially when we were approaching the storm when low scuds were going up into the cloud base (but partially behind a hill) - I will look up the video this week and see if I can destillate some still frames and time indication out of it for you, if I think it is interesting enough.

I am curious for hearing about your findings.