Chaser destroys rental car in hail storm

This will not end well for Mr. Timmer.

I have no personal, non-chasing issues with him and I admire his educational success. I'm sure he's a nice guy. I've had zero personal interactions with him, which is rather amazing given the time we have both been chasing. Ironically, Timmer and I are forever linked in chasing history by breaking the barriers of chasing success at different times.

I certainly don't agree with everything he does, especially his extreme antics that other chasers emulate. One of our big differences is that I had mentors like Chuck Doswell, who provided "assorted levels" of feedback when I did something stupid. I was aware that my actions were being watched by others and I had some responsibility to act in a civilized manner. No one of authority will dare challenge Timmer (e.g., peers), which is a shame... and a potentially fatal flaw.

I've always said "he's one of the luckiest chasers alive." He has defied death or severe injury more times than I can count. The problem with constantly tempting fate is that fate eventually wins. Most of my very close calls (as a journalist and chaser), were situations related to, but not directly involved with an obvious danger. Like the driver who fell asleep in the opposite lane and missed hitting me head-on by inches. Or when hurricane chasing and a roof blew off an apartment complex, landing in the parking lot as I exited. The list goes on. It's one thing to encounter such dangers as part of the job, but another to push your luck for publicity.

When I learned to fly, there was a great sign posted on the wall of the ready room. It said: "The are lots of bold pilots and old pilots, but few old bold pilots."
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He posted on Instagram recently about visiting the TWISTEX memorial. All these fanboys and girls posted comments that made me sick. Things like (paraphrasing) "so sorry Reed" (as in, sorry for the loss of your fellow chasers); "thanks for all you do to keep us safe"; and assorted other comments making him sound like he's on the same plane as Tim Samaras as a scientist. I felt like writing, "Thanks to you and the people that try to imitate you, a similar tragedy will happen again." But I decided it was best to say nothing.

I still can't believe him screaming on the hail video, "Got shards of glass in my face!" like a badge of pride.