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Howdy all,

My name is Mike Shively, I am 25 years old, And I have been storm chasing for about 5 years now. I am looking for a chase partner in the Northern half of Missouri or the Southern half of Iowa.

I have been a advanced storm spotter for over 10 years. I am not really new to chasing, but usually I have chased with my wife, and now that we just had our 3rd Child, Storm Chasing is no longer an option for her. I have already went solo on two chases this year, but without nowcasting, and a partner that can help me navigate and so forth, they havent been the greatest chases in the world. I am not a thrill seeker, just like the beauty of the storms. I am currently in college as a Emergency Management major. I also am a licensed EMT. As far as chase equipment goes, I really dont have that much in the way of equipment. I have a high-end digital camera, a car, a cell phone, and a pretty good set of instincts. Would like to have more equipment, but as a college student with 3 kids, the hobby doesn't get a good share of the family budget. As far as splitting costs go, 50-50 sounds pretty good, but im sure we could work out something if that isn't possible. I guess thats about it. Email or PM me if If your interested.


I know it is quite late to be wondering about chase partners, etc. But I am going to have to give this a shot.

I've been a trained storm spotter for 3 years now, am a licesned ham radio operator, and am knowledgable in the weather. My experience has included last summer working at a local radio station's weather department. I was involved in the June 11 tornadoes in northern Iowa, as well as the 100 mph wind event that moved along I-90.

I live in northwest Iowa, just north of the Spencer area. I will be available for much of the summer, mostly interested in chasing IA/MN/SD/NE/KS/MO. This is because I'm not flowing with great money to be heading on extremely long chases. I will have a brand new digital camera, as well as a newly purchased dell laptop. I currently do not have, or plan on having mobile interent at this time due to the lack of funds. But, I know something can be worked out to get this if wanted.

Email address is [email protected], I'm on MSN frequently.. And am willing to negotiate... Please give me a message even if it a chase only for a certain day, or if it for a week. I am very eager to head out...

Nebraska Newbie

Hello all, I currently live in Minden, NE (about 20 miles so of Kearney) and I know that almost everyone will be in my area at least once this season, that is why I love living here. I took my first spotter class a few months ago, I saw my first tornado today :eek: , and that is about the total of my knowledge minus what I have picked up from a few informative websites and years of staring at the charts on spc. I would be greatly appreciative to anyone coming through the area that wouldn't mind dragging me along. I can chip in on gas, I can normally leave at a momemts notice, I know most of the backroads in the area, and I tend NOT to panic in tense situations. Also, anyone not looking for a chase partner but just needs a place to sit and prepare or recover from a chase remember my door is always open. :D
I am looking for fellow chasers to join sometimes too split costs and share knowledge. I am located in Arlington Nebraksa (just North of Omaha by Fremont) I chase all of Eastern Nebraska and venture to Iowa and Western Nebraska or other locations time and money permitting. Just let me know!!
lower plains - to southeast

Live in South Carolina, but ready to travel inside the rectangle of Cincinnati,OH/Garden City,KS/Odessa,TX/Augusta,GA. I'm a newbie, but have a vehicle, cb radio, police scanner w/ skywarn and weather radio, and have a laptop with unlimited usage via my cell phone - which actually keeps me online just about ANYWHERE I'm at. Car is a 2004 Dodge Intrepid with speed, and a great moonroof to see straight up, without getting soaked! lol Looking for someone who knows the areas we would be going into, and who likes to have fun. 40 yr, male. I'm a smoker, but definately NOT a drinker. Sharing expenses not important, but knowledge is. Can usually go about any time. e-mail [email protected]
Chase Vacation Part II begins this SAT, I believe... I am gonna be out on the Plains again for a week or so. The GFS looks to intresting, and I cannot pass this potentially active early June up...

I am gonna probably be looking for more chasers to be able to chase with. So, if anybody out on the central Plains is intrested in chasing together with me (and my partner, Jason Hetzel whom will be with me), let me know. I have a brand new Gateway XP Laptop w/ GFS, Mapping Software, etc... Only been back in Detroit for a week, and I already can't wait to get back out there, lol. Of course, will be willing to split all costs...

Just PM or email me if anybody wants to hook up next week (and a bit thereon)...
I'm a newbie interested in chasing with someone that has experience. All I can offer is to pay gas/meals, etc. to help with expenses, but hopefully that will help someone out. I'm looking for someone in the West Central Illinois, NE Missouri and SE Iowa areas (also Central Illinois). Thanks.
anyone out there local to the NW NE or SW SD or E WY area? if so there is a newbie here that would love to catch a few good storms. If so, pm me or email me at [email protected]. I begin to think I'm all alone out here on the lone prarie.lol. :(