Dec 4, 2003
This thread is specifically for those looking for chase partners for the 2005 season, or those who can offer space. Follow-on discussion is not permitted in this thread; take it to E-mail. This thread is for partnering requests and notices only. This is also for non-commercial use; otherwise post it in the Marketplace or take out an ad.

If you want to ride along with someone, we recommend you provide your age and rough personal/chase interests and how/where you propose to meet (chasers will rarely come to your city to pick you up). Be aware that you need to be flexible and dependable to chase with others. If you are a chaser offering space, try to give the when/where/what/why/how on how someone is to ride with you, including how expenses are to be split.

We have no problem with you posting your request elsewhere on our site as a regular post, but unlike this "stickied" thread it will descend and disappear as it becomes older and you may miss opportunities for it to be seen.

Stormtrack of course is not responsible for anything that comes out of your using our service, and makes no endorsement for anyone that posts, so participate at your own risk.

Denver Area - check my website for updates on when we might be chasing: Storm Chaser Colorado - I will be updating it daily in the spring and summer.

Looking for fellow chasers and newbies to ride along with me and share gas costs and other expenses. Times include every afternoon in spring 2005 with a threat of severe. Target areas will include Eastern CO, Western KS, Southern WY, Western NE, Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles.

Ideally we would meet on the eastern side of Denver and go out for day trips. On high risk days further out we may do overnight trips.

I am 43, married, and have an 8 seat Ford Expedition. I have WX-WORX, Ham radio, scanner, GPS, My-Cast and a WIFI setup for data.

Send me a PM if you'd like to join up this spring.
I will be chasing in the Northern Plains this spring and summer. I have a full-time forecasting job in Grand Forks, ND so I will be chasing on days off and in between shifts when possible. My chase domain will primarily be limited to ND, SD, MN, and portions of IA but will consider heading further south if the time and situation is right. I'm also hoping to make a chase into Canada this summer. I'd be willing to pick-up if you're within a reasonable distance on the way to a chase target. I'll also consider taking a "newbie" along. All I ask is for responsible conversation, half the costs (mainly gas)., and no puffin' in the car. Conversely, I'd be happy to share the costs if someone else wants to drive and could meet. Ideally, I'd like to have a list of names on my e-mail so when a potential chase is in the forecast in their areas I could send a notice a day or two out and a follow up the morning of the chase. Caviats: 1. As with any storm situation, conditions may change and the target may shift leaving you hanging. 2. My chase car will be getting some work done on Wed or will be getting replaced if too much for parts & labor. 3. There are no time limits. Please do not ask to ride along if you need to be somewhere. I have missed tornadoes by going out of my way to drop someone off in time. I, on the otherhand, may need to be somewhere and a desperate chase could get cut short. 4. My tech consists of a weather radio, an AC adapter, a bunch of DeLorme Gazetteers, and hopfully Pilot-MyCast on the cell phone. 4. Due to work, I simply cannot chase on every golden day. The shifts are such that I can get out in the afternoon or arrive for the graveyard. Knowing my luck I'll be stuck on the 4pm-Mid on the ripe days.
Anyone in the Chicago suburbs who is interested in tagging along and splitting the gas with me this spring is welcome.

I'm a 21 year old student based out of Bolingbrook, and this will be my third year on the chase. I will be in school during most of the season but will be able to chase on my days off and on the weekends. I don't have a range limit, just as long as I can make it back in time for class.

I have three open seats in my hatchback chase vehicle, "The Shibster" and a variety of new equipment including laptop with GPS and cell data. PM me if interested.
Any Melbourne, Australia chasers on this board? If something were to happen either closeby during the week or wherever on the weekend, I would love to chase down there. All I will really have equpiment-wise is my camera (I won't have a car or anything like that), but I will be more than glad to split expenses if someone was kind enough to let me come along.
Would be interested in partnering up with anyone in the SE Mo., Southern Illinios, Western Kentucky area. I am 19 and have some experience with chasing and have a good reliable truck. Preferably would just like to tag along behind or split up and communicate otherwise. (My truck is always full of stuff :? ) Will have Vaio, GRLevel3, and mobile internet installed in the truck by Spring. Also have a Samsung Hi8 camcorder, Kodak digital camera, CB, and old school scanner.

I have college during the weekdays, but im usually out by 3:00pm with Sat. and Sun. off

Also, no thrill seekers please. Yes im still a newbie myself, but I take chasing rather seriously.

I don't know anyone around here myself that cares much for chasing or weather in general so anyone interesting in chasing or just discussing the local weather, email at [email protected]
Consider me your chasing friend in South Dakota. If you're travelling up this way on 29, give me a hollar and I'll meet you wherever so we can link up from there. I'm an hour out of Sioux Falls and that is usually the pivot point for chasing around here.

I'm pretty much local as usually I can't get out of work early enough to get to a target hundreds of miles away.

I've got one year of chasing under my belt and am very enthusiastic about learning more.

Equipment includes cb, laptop, mobile internet (through Sprint PCS so it's really only useful near the interstate) and a Sprint Treo 650 (PDA) that I will get a program for that displays radar. Hopefully I will have GPS on laptop or PDA by this summer too.

Contact information is in my profile, hope to see you soon.
I wouldn't mind meeting some people who are into chasing. I have been chasing for four years, im a student of meteorology. I chase full-time in the months of May, June and July financed by long work days during the winter. My base area of chasing is the eastern half of SD into most of Minnesota, SE ND and NW and eastern NE. However, this year I'll be everywhere. Looking to take a lot of footage for future visual project and could use help in operation of either two of my film cameras or DV camera.

Equipment includes- 94 chevy blazer, laptop, grlevel3, dv camera, Konica Camera, KORG camera, tripod standard, tripod window mount, GPS unit, Oregon scientific weather radio, wireless card and wireless antenna for car, celluar one internet/laptop and one hell of a love for meteorology.

If you are in the Saint Louis area and need an ally, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. I am a meteorologist in STL, and will be storm chasing this spring on days off and most of May. I have been chasing for several years, and am looking to meet up with chasers of any skill level. I will be using a Toyo Corolla (aka cheap trips!) with laptop/GPS/weather radio/ham/gerbils/yadda yadda. I am looking forward from hearing from ya!
I'm looking for chase partner for the target area of all of SD, all of NE, southern half of MN, northern half of IA, southern half of ND, and sometimes Kansas/Oklahoma if the situation calls for it. I personally am from Parker, SD (little southwest of Sioux Falls), and I pretty much go anywhere when the MD's say so, the radar shows a cell, my gut wretches, i get the goosebumps, or the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Oh, I also go out when the little voice inside my head says "hey I think there's gonna be a storm today."

Anyways, I'm 19, and I've been chasing for about 3 years. My first chasing experience was with my dad during the Spencer tornado. My dad is the fire chief here in Parker, and as such he gave me a state digital radio for SKYWARN use. It picks up all Fire, EMS, and Law traffic throughout the state. Big help. I've been into weather all my life, and I'm going to head up to Grand Forks, ND next year to the U of ND for a degree in some weather related field, probably atmospheric sciences.

So, if this sounds like a deal to anyone, go ahead and fire off a message to [email protected]!


Oh, I almost policy with funds would pretty much be split everything 50/50 from the time one of us is picked up to the time one of us is dropped off.
Kansas City Area

Anyone that is interested in chasing from the Kansas City Area, let me know. I'm looking to partner up with someone who is relatively experienced and isnt a thrill seeker. I generally choose target areas anywhere in East Central, Northern, Southeastern KS and Northern and Western MO. Sometimes I wander to areas in Nebraska and Oklahoma if the conditions warrant a major outbreak. A little more about me: I'm 24 from Shawnee, KS, I've been chasing regularly since 1994. I've had many hours of training and experience. I work as a dispatcher and my days off and hours usually vary. As far as cost sharing goes, 50/50 is usually how I prefer to handle it.

If you're interested, shoot a message to [email protected][/b]
North Texas, South Oklahoma,

I'm about 1.5 yrs into living in the area and went Feb '04 to the skywarn and Tessa events last year, but being new, I was unable to find anyone to go chase with. This year still in the same situation. If anyone is willing I can drive to meet up with you. I really dont have any equipment, other than a laptop and I'm going to take my ham license test in a couple weeks, so I will have a radio..

Email is scott @
Thanks... :D

Alabama Area to the West

I'm a 19 year old student at Mississippi State University (Online BMP) and I will be chasing somewhat in offtime. I will also be chasing with Gene Rhoden sometime this spring/summer I hope and will make another trip to the plains. I chased the 5-29-04 cyclic supercell event in Harper and Sumner Counties in KS and that was my first out of state chase event. Since, I have chased in November 23rd, 2004 and was the spotter that reported in the Richland Parish tornado that was three miles south of Start. There is a little about my background and experience. Hope to find some guys that will tag along as I head from Alabama to Nebraska this spring and summer! :D

My name is Larry and I have been a member of Stormtrack for exactly one year. (Today's the anniversary!!). I will be taking storm spotter classes next month. I hope to be doing some storm spotting and perhaps hook up with a chaser. I will have time off during the last two weeks of May, which I'm hoping to be prime time for supercells and tornadoes. (See Edit note.)

I did some NOW casting for a couple of chasers last year. I had a chaser in South Central NE and I saw a supercell develop in the Concordia KS area. I tried twice to convince him to drive down there, but he kept getting sidetracked by wall clouds and scuds. He never did get around to that supercell, which dropped 7-10 ve GPtornadoes that afternoon. I also directed a couple of stormchasers to a wallcloud that was torn-warned in SE Nebraska.

I have a digital camera and a video camera that I'm very good in using. I also have a laptop computer with software such as Storm Predator and Swift WX Professional. I recently got a Pinnacle Studio 9. For those in the know you can do a great job in editing your videos with this software. All of this on a Dell laptop that has wireless access too. Oh I also have GPS software and a Magellan GPS to boot.

Need I say more?? Contact me if you are planning a trip thru NE. thanks.

Note: I have cochlear implant surgery scheduled for April 14. Until I get "hooked up" four weeks after the surgery, I will be working with one ear only. Will be available for nowcasting after a one week recovery from surgery. Thanks for all of your prayers and support in this surgery!!

Hi. My name is Jon Hadorn, I'm 22 years old, and I'm an alcoholic. What? Oh, sorry. Wrong meeting.

This is the first year that I will be chasing. Mostly local yokel kind of stuff, primarily sticking to southeast Nebraska. Since this will be my first year I don't really feel it would be wise to go it alone. I've put in a request with my employer for the first week of June off, so I will be available June 1st through June 9th. Providing that my vacation is approved, of course. I will make a follow-up post when the approval/denial sheet makes its rounds. Such is the joy of working for the Health and Human Services System. I should know by the end of the month.

My knowledge of all things meteorological is spotty at best -- completely clueless at worst. I won't bullshit you. I think I am a quick study, though. I have my own mode of transport, cell phone, digital camera, and ways of paying for things. So really outside of being a wide-eyed n00b I can't say I'd be too much of a burden.

So if anyone is interested and thinks they might make it into southeast Nebraska you can e-mail me:

jon (at) thespiralingshape |dot| org

Or call me last minute on my cell phone (e-mail or PM for #).


Did I mention that Beatrice has an awesome library for data collection and a very nice hotel with free internet?

Greetings. My name is Billy Griffin, and I am a local chaser here in Norman, Oklahoma. I have been chasing for over 15 years now, and I am in search of local folks who might be interested in partnering up on chases this season. I am a teacher with the University of Oklahoma, and have a somewhat flexible schedule which allows me to chase.

Since my vehicle is outfitted with just about everything imagineable, I will be furnishing the chase vehicle and volunteer to do most of the driving.

Here is a rundown of my equipment (gadgets) and technology...

1. In-Motion, High Speed Satellite Internet
2. In-Motion Satellite Television
3. WxWorx system (2)
4. 5 Laptop Computers with networked internet access
5. 5 radio scanners
6. 4 communications radios, i.e. ham, public service, cb, etc.
7. Mobile mesonet (Davis Weather System with computer interface)
8. 3 mobile GPS systems with computer interface
9. Experimental 1.8 GHZ radar system
10. Misc. gadgets and "stuff" to play with while traveling.
11. 3 televisions (2 High Def LCDs)
12. Video editing equipment including DVD burners.
13. Video "uplink" capability via email to send LIVE video to television stations
14. Video formats include SVHS, Digital SVHS, Digital 8, and DVD.

My vehicle is a 2004 Ford Explorer, so it will seat up to 4 more passengers comfortably. However, my front (passenger) seat is gone, there is a desk there for access to all the equipment.

I am looking for chase partners (passengers who would like to share some gas money in exchange for the ride and equipment use) in the Norman or Oklahoma City area, or those who can get here on chase days rather quickly.

If interested in learning more, please contact me at (405) 310-3658, or (405) 812-8031. You can also email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Happy chasing, and I look forward to speaking with some of you!

Kindest Regards,
Billy Griffin

Promised follow-up cometh.

The first 9 days of June are good for me.

My e-mail:

[email protected]

Cell phone:


Also: Some guy named Ben e-mailed me a few weeks back or so with an offer to team up. I'm sorry, but I lost your e-mail address and phone number when I replaced my hard drive. I forgot to properly backup my data. If you could contact me again that would be great.

Hey im looking for a chase partner, as in just to go out have fun and catch storms, or whatever, i been chasing 3yrs , im still consider myself an amature eith only 1 TORNADO , in record 3 yrs lol.... not too shabby right., anyways im located in Elkhorn NE, if there is anyone who doesnt mind payign for gas a little bit, i do chase everywhere else , KS,MO,NE,IA,MN,SD,OK so i travel alot, but im getting tired of the people saying they will go with me and then end up not going or say there to busy, im just someone looking for a aprtner, someone to ride along and enjoy the weather and chasing like i do, so if your intrested let me know( im not a pro yet at chasing, i do chasing the hard way with checking the computer at home, then heading out with camcorder, digital/35mm cameras, weather radio, and maps ;-)... I DONT CHEAT , using the laptop lol... still saving up though ill have one eventually.... anyways let me know Thanks...
Newbie (not thrill seeker) looking to chase. I'm looking to chase with an experience chaser. I live outside of the Chicagoland area, but will travel.
I have laptop, DVC, cell phone. Can work cameras. I freelance so work is not a problem. PM or email me for more information at [email protected]
Also great at map reading and driving.
Looking for a partner


I have been spotting since I was 14 years old but would like to expand my knowlage and get into chasing. Although I know the basics of storms and forecasting, I'd like sombody to help show me the ropes. I currently attend Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois but will be moving back home in the beginning of may. Hometown is Mundelein, Illinois in Lake County just north of Chicago but am willing to travel.

I have little to no experience chasing and have very little equipment. I am a licensed Ham Radio operator and have a mobile unit as well as an HT.

If somebody is willing to help show me the ropes let me know. More then willing to share expenses and help out in anyway I can. Please PM or email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.

Good luck chasing all and stay safe!

My name is Karen and I am in the Omaha area. I am hoping to find someone to do some beginning chasing with this season.
I work for DTN and use their satalite weather and watch it all the time when the "pretty colors" show up :)

If anyone wants to chase a little this season, let me know.

Stay safe.

Looking for chase partners. New, old (not age wise). Can chase most days. New at this, but went on my first chase already and did OK. Took my 17 year old son with me....never again! I am willing to travel and will pay my share. PM, IM or Email me.
I'm in SE WI. Thanks, Jacque
PS: I'm a female (Jacquelynn)..I can hold my own in any stituation!!!
Chase partner in kc area???

Hey if anyone is looking for a chase partner in KC area for sunday April me!!! i get off work at 1...and will be heading out after that!!!
Hey Guys!

I will be in the TX/OK area in late April/early May (as usual) depending on the weather. I'll be going solo but would like to hook up with other chasers in the area to possibly convoy on the good chase days. Of course I will always welcome a chase partner to share expenses as well. If interested, email me at "[email protected]"

Garmin 2620 GPS
2M Radio
Lap Top
Mobile Internet

Brad Hobbs
would be interested in stormchasing

I am from Olathe, KS and I am looking to chase in MO, KS, OK and NE. I am 54 and my undergraduate degree was Earth-Space so I am very interested in storms and tornadoes. I've been chasing for several years in ernest since 2001. My latest stormchase was late afternoon in Platte City, MO. I videotaped two tornadoes last May 29 near St Joseph and I am one of the only ones to capture the Dearborn tornado on tape.

I am teacher so I can't usually go before 3 most days until late May. Of course I can do weekends and I will have most of the summer open. I am looking to share gas, knowledge and help each other video and photograph and more. I use two camcorders, have a portable TV and two digital cameras. I have been a regular on WXchase listserve, Stormtrack.

You can take a look at my website and storm stuff. Feel free to give me a call, email and we can try to see what we can do.

Let me know.
Dr.Eric Flescher ([email protected]),Olathe, KS -Storm Satori-
15016 W150th St., Olathe, KS 66062 (913-780-5902-home; mobile 913-486-1247)