Canon HV20 High Definition Camcorder

Dec 8, 2003
Bridge Creek, OK
For those in the market for a new and reasonable priced camcorder the Canon HV20 looks to be a good unit to consider. With the HV10 being relatively popular with no budget video nuts, the new HV20 has something no other consumer camcorder on the market has; the ability to shoot in 24p.

There are a few down sides to this camcorder such as the smaller CCD but regardless at a retail of around $1200 this could be a VERY good unit.

Just for you info.

Too bad they put a CMOS sensor in it. If it is anything like mine(Sony HC1) you won't enjoy any footage that has lightning in it. Some cases, any flashes make your video appear as if it is being hit by the lightning itself. Dan Robinson mentioned this with CMOS sensors before I ever bought mine, so I'm guessing it's likely it'll happen with this camera too.