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Canon HV30 HD Camcorder for streaming

I have looked through the message board and have not found a thread that addresses this particular question unless I missed it....I am looking for a good camcorder to stream with via firewire to a Vista Home Premium OS.

I have tried mid range Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic models and have not been able to locate a camera that Vista will recognize...however, a friend of mine had the Canon HV20 and we plugged it in and it worked like a champ, Vista recognized it and allowed me to configure it in Windows Media Encoder....however, the HV20 is an older camcorder and hard to find new anywhere, internet and retail.

Does the HV30 support firewire streaming and is it compatible with Vista Home Premium edition....a call to Canon indicated the cameras do not support streaming....contrary to what I found with the HV20.....any help, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.....