Best "non-chase day".

A couple for tornadic and one not.

May 18, 1989...Was in Tulsa, working to make money to get back to school. Chase ops were limited at best then for me and on this day I had looked at nothing. Awoke to the sound of thunder and found out several rotating cells were passing thru the TUL area. After getting screwed by lunch hour traffic, I was about to blow things off when another cell developed rapidly just southeast of town. Ended up seeing a nice contrast cone east of Tulsa.

August 17, 1994...Seemed like a typical summer day, not paying attention to much. I noticed a small, but strong storm moving south from Kansas. It had a nice configuration and was severe, so Val Castor and I left Norman to check it out, not expecting much more than a typical summer storm with some wind and maybe hail. It went nuts and produced 113mph winds and softball hail in the Lahoma, Ok. area. We intercepted it Kingfisher and were blasted with baseball hail and 70-80mph winds. Same kind of winds and flying debris at Okarche...golfballs and 60-70mph winds near El Reno. Another cell near Elk City hit us with 60-70mph winds. Saw major wind damage across parts of SW Ok.