Best Model Sites

William Combes

Now that we are close to chase season, what are everyones best sites for models and analysis? I use wright-weather, weather.cod, rap.ucar. Any others out there?
I primarily use CoD and ... That second site has ALL SORTS of model information... Want forecast soundings? Check. Want severe weather parameter forecasts (0-3km CAPE, 0-3km EHI, 0-3 VGP, MLCIN, 0-6km Shear, Storm Motion [Bunker's method], Significant Tornado Parameter, Supercell Composite Parameter, etc etc etc)? Want isentropic forecasts? It's all there! Awesome site. Not the easiest to navigate, but Earl has just about every piece of model output you could ever want...
Thanks guys. Been wondering where in the heck I can find those sites. I set up a new folders in my Favorites under Weather - Models. It's right below the entries for Weather - Storm Track and Weather - Storm Chase.

Good luck on chasing those storms in OK, KS today!!
My personal favorite if, but I may be biased. :D

We have a very tight grid of forecast soundings to choose from with a lot of calculated indices on the right of the soundings, such as Sig. Tor Parameter, 1 & 3km Helicity, 1 & 3km VGP, Jon Davies new ESP parameter, etc.

Also, we're plotting over 140 different map types for both NAM and RUC. We just added some maps to support Jon Davies latest work such as surface vorticity, 3km MLCAPE, 3km Lapse Rate, and ESP. These parameters have worked great in the past few weeks with these cold core systems.

I got a 2 tornadoes on my first chase on 3-30 using some of Davies work on an Iowa storm, and on April 10th I know of 3 Minnesota chasers who went down to Kansas, all to come back with Tornadoes bagged. My point is that the Davies preachings are definately worth taking a look. Find a site that offers the parameters that Jon talks about.
I own a frickin' Storm Prediction Center workstation, and it has every model I want, every parameter I want, modifiable soundings, L2 data for every station available, and locally run Workstation ETA output at 1 hour time steps on a 5km grid, and that's not all; It has the ability to overlay everything on top of each other for in depth analysis :lol:

Cost? Free (well, not including the servers I built, then it would be around $700 total).

When I'm away from all that, it's usually,, and now