Bangladesh and East India Tornado Prediction Site

Jonathan Finch is a colleague and friend of mine here at the DDC office. His website reflects his passion, which is two-fold: Understanding and Predicting tornadoes and significant supercell thunderstorms of East India and Bangladesh....and case study research on historic tornado events on the Great Plains/High Plains.


Jon has spent a couple of years now building this database of significant tornado events with 500mb maps, surface charts, and the torando tracks of a bunch of events. Jon's convective forecasting expertise on the High Plains is especially superb. I highly recommend the reading on high plains convective weather forecasting which is linked many places on his site.

Jonathan was featured on the front page of ST about a year or so ago regarding some of the work on his website.

Mike U
His work is just phenomenal... I would have to rate that site one of the Top 20 cool weather sites of all time. Not only will the knowledge save lives over there (hopefully), but if we ever do any chasing in Bangladesh one day, that research will lay the foundation.

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I love the above link... There are a upper air maps, surface maps, tornado paths, and other images available for a ton of significant severe weather events in the US available in the above-linked page... It's awesome to go through and compare events with similar upper-air and surface patterns... I did this a lot earlier this year when I was trying to find days with signficant tornadoes associated with cut-off upper lows (the theme through late April this year). Cool stuff.