And so it begins.....

Unfortunately, there isn't much anybody can do until the storm has come and gone. No point putting the Provost Marshals (or MP’s as you call them) and the local police forces in harms way.
Suspects have been identified only as "Cartman" "Kyle" and "Kinney."
I have been all over the Hwy 6N are over to Katy...MANY Sheriff and Constable officers out and watching the businesses and homes.

We didn't get ANYTHING (except a stiff breeze) out here. No rain in the rain gauge and just about an hour ago, out of the cable went out. Grrr, like these 20mph winds are that hard on the cable. I have power, as does most everyone out here, sporadic outtages W of the Beltway. A handful of businesses are open (4 out in my area) but no gas or ice. Most big box stores have signs to the effect of 'when we can restock, we will re open'. A Hartz chicken is open down the road and PACKED. My son drove down there, chicken sounded better than the canned goods I have on hand (we ate all the perishables thinking Rita would have us in bad shape today).