Amazing lightning pictures

Wow... Those are quite impressive! Any idea as to what camera and setting he was using for those??

The autor (Adriano Plati) says Olympus C5050z, 16 sec. then only 10 sec. diafr. 8
Impressive shots! I've never seen so many visible ground 'contact points' in a photo series. Would have been cool to have been up on that mountain, but looks like the view from where he was standing was just as good.

Another set of photos showing that lightning doesn't always (and in this case, it appears *rarely*) strike the highest object!
Jeez, that is crazy. That must have been one hell of a storm and or a slow moving one for the amount of times he got bolts hitting that mountain.
Whoa. The last one in the series is really nice and really close. I would of loved to have been there. Great branching and as Dan said i have never seen so many strike points. Just beautiful.