A Nice Hurricane Tracking Site



Although the season is winding down, a friend of mine has completed making a very nice web-based tracking/forecast product for storms across the Northern Hemisphere (he is working on the entire globe):

This page keeps all track histories for systems being advised, and includes "invests". (This is based on NHC and JTWC's ATCFs.) This page also has the official guidance. Although all this info is provided elsewhere, no where have I found such a site that offers such a nice convenient global overview. Click on the map to zoom in on an ocean basin.

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Thanks for this cool, global link! Too bad the Atlantic Basin isn't as colourful as some of the others:(

Yep, Brian is 'The Man'. I've chased with him a number of times. It's great that we have learned people like him coming up in the ranks.
Now we just need to get another tropical cyclone to develop in the S. Atlantic :) This is a very cool site, nice to see at a glance what is going on globally!