A Dilemma-How to Archive Day 2 High Risks?

Archiving Day-2 High Risk Outlooks

  • By the day they are valid for

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The SPC's introduction of high risks on the day-2 outlook poses the problem of how to archive them. I am considering two options:

1.) Create an entry for the day they are issued on, even if that day is not a high risk in itself (unlike today through tomorrow, for example).

2.) Create an entry for the day they are valid for, regardless of whether or not the high risk is continued on the day-1 outlooks issued that day.

What does everyone think?
I dont understand the what the issue is here? Is there some problem?
All SPC outlooks are archived, from 'no risk of severe storms' to 'high risk'. The risk from what I know does not change anything (shouldnt anyway) about how an outlook is archived.
If the issue is a high risk on the day 2, then whats the big deal? If the threat is that great, then issue a high risk.
My suggestion would be to simply avoid adding any to your database that aren't Day 1 outlooks. I consider Day 2 and 3's nothing more than pre-outlooks anyway. So in my mind, they really have little meaning until they become valid for the actual day of the event.

So, just keep doing them like you've always done them and ignore any high risk issued on a Day 2. Problem solved and continuity preserved.