9/7/2006 REPORTS: KS *rescued*

Apr 8, 2005
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Brian Stertz
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Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:45 pm Post subject: 9/7/2006 Report : KS

I caught this fair wx cumulus funnel on my lunch break at home in Overland Park. It was actually better defined and was showing surprising rotation when I saw it initially walking to my car. By the time I ran back upstairs and grabbed my digital camera, the ropy funnel had weakened some. Still kind of a cool non-precip. funnel. This was not a horseshoe vortex as it was actually attached to the cumulus cloud above it. The funny thing is that sometimes you can be under the meanest looking supercell and see no funnels; and yet on a pretty day (with NO storms around) under a modest cumulus cloud, this funnel makes an unexpected appearance. It lasted about 2-3 mins. before disappearing. Most people would have never caught this in action, especially as nice as the weather was today here.
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