9/22/06 Disc: IL/MO/AR/KY/TN/IN

NWS Paducah is doing a press conference at Crosstown MO for the Perry County MO tornado last Friday. Their headlines kind of give hint that this may be officially in the books as a F4 and the strongest tornado on record for Sept. in their CWA. The press conference is in a few mins. so we shall see....

Update: The tornado was officially rated F4 by the NWS Paducah with a 27.5 mile long damage path. The town of Crosstown MO was mentioned as taking the full force of this fairly small but destructive tornado.
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While I didn't chase this setup, I thought I would contribute by providing a meteorological overview.


The F4 reports certainly reinforce the magnitude of this September outbreak. It sounds like there were a lot of severe weather related fatalities (lightning, flooding) though i'm not aware of any due directly to tornadoes. I have seen a good number of reported injuries in the LSR & PNS reports.

As far as I remember the last F4 was on 3/12 and was the Monroe tornado.
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I'm not sure but I would not be suprised if there where not numerous other tornado touchdowns esspecially in Northern AK that where never reported or recorded. After trying to chase the storms through the horrible terrain I can easily see where there could of been tornadoes that touched down far away from any road (as they are so far and few between) and were never seen by anyone esspecially the way those sups where training through the area after night fall