8/11/05 NOW: MIDWEST

The first Tor warnings of the day have just been issued in North Central, IN. There are two counties under warnings at the moment. The warnings are from what appears to be a SVR MCS. I am having a hard time locating any area of rotation but suppose the NWS knows a thing or two more than me. The MCS is moving to an area of greater instability via SPC mesoanalysis, so this could be interesting.
That's not an MCS, just a line of storms. It is riding along the warm front - classic spot for spinups. SRV's don't look good, but tons of RF and the reflect does show a nice notch.

That, combined with the boundary-riding, are good enough for most to pull the trigger. They say it's moving east towards Sharpton, but that sure looks like southeast (Tipton) to me.

Surprised to see this would be the area for initiation, well outside of any risk area I would have drawn!
Hey hey, another tornado warning out, in IL this time. It is near Danville, IL. This nice little kidney bean, HP sup, looks to be heading SE at 14kts. It also has a nice appendage and couplet showing up on radar. Gate-to-Gate looks to be about 30kts on wxunderground radar.