70 Dews in Southern Saskatchewan!

I just happened to glance at the current dews for north america and I saw an area of 70+ dews in southern saskatchewan! Is this unusual? Esp. since the source air (to the south and north) is no where near that moist. And surely the lakes aren't that warm up there. Heck, the dews aren't even in the 70s in Houston! Is there lots of corn???

It is probably unusual, but certainly not impossible. Corn fields are amazing at putting out moisture. Also, do you know what the weather was doing at this time? Maybe a storm just passed through the area.
I wouldn't say it's really all that unusual. Being in the mid-section of a continent as huge as the North American - 90-degree temps and 60/70-degree Tds are fairly common place in the summer until you reach northern Canada, I should imagine. It's not north/south that makes the difference in these conditions - it's east/west and elevation.

70 Td in southeast SK is not common but by no means rare though I'm a bit surprised this time since ND has been so damn dry. Having lived in ND for a couple years I've become familiar with what to expect on the surface chart. I've seen moisture advected in there from eastern ND and I've seen the dews spike there after some evapo-trans especially reight after a rain event). There were some showers in north-central ND during the evening and perhaps these also affected the area of subsequent high dews in SK. I doubt much, if any, corn grows there. You will see quite a bit of wheat and rapeseed (canola).