7/14/04 REPORTS: Canada/Eastern USA

Dan Robinson

Thread started by request, a few chasers have been out today.
I followed a wild storm that produced a tornado and 1 1/2 inch hail near Outlook SK this afternoon. It is still right turning and tops are over 50 000 feet. Nearing the capital city of Regina at this hour...

I will post pictures and a report later, tornado must have been rain wrapped because the clouds turned green as the wall cloud disappeared in front of me.



Severe thunderstorm warning for
city of Regina continued

At 6:50 PM, radar showed a large thunderstorm through the Moose Jaw
area moving southeast toward Regina and Avonlea. Doppler radar
indicated a small area of wind gust potential between 120 and 150
km/h near Bethune. This storm also has the potential to produce
Large hail.
Wow, what a day! 2 more tornadoes just got reported in Montana from the same cell that I was following. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings up for ND at this hour...

My report:

At noon I noticed a series of cells with echo tops of about 30 000 feet suddenly formed into a diamond shape, covering the same amount of area that a supercell would noramlly take up. Since I knew it was early in the day I took my time preparing to go out for a chase. I thought it would be a very short chase, if anything since the cells were forming over Biggar, SK west of Saskatoon. At the back of the formation of cells, near the Alberta border, I focused on a little cell that seemed to turn right(SE) against the rest of the cells(NE). I timed it so that my target would be that cell when it got near Rosetown. I believe it worked!

After watching the radar loop on TV tonight, I am sure that this is all the same storm system. It just split around Biggar. One cell went NE, One went SE. As I arrived near Rosetown, at Zealandia, I stopped to take pictures of a harmless looking cell that had the occasional crack of very intense lightning.

not enhanced:

Then I drove a bit further towards Rosetown and had to stop when it was clear that the storm was most intense back near Zealandia. Turning around and facing east, this is what I saw:


Hail further east, the largest that I found was on highway #15 west of Conquest, near the area of where Environment Canada had a report of a tornado. I did not see any damage along the way except for some flatended crops due to hail.


As I headed towards Lake Diefenbaker, I could see it get more intense but did not want to drive though the rain/hail so stopped along the way to talk to locals. These pictures are near the Gardiner Dam at the northern edge of Lake Diefenbaker:


I decided to head back at that point after hearing a report of a tornado near North Battleford. That cell ended up going right around the city and headed to the Yorkton area.

Just before sunset, a lonely little cell popped up breifly before getting cut down by the sun:


Then after watches were cancelled for Saskatoon, some crazy looking clouds emerged near the airport:


(sorry about the numbers being jumbled up)

Well, that was a pretty surprisingly busy day. Time for sleep...