7/11/06 NOW: NH / MA

Very impressive supercell with classic hook echo radar presentation currently crossing I-95 in eastern Rockingham County NH and will move offshore in the next 10 min. The storm is currently tornado-warned, and though I can find no confirmed reports of an actual touchdown, there were a slew of public hail reports (mostly quarter-sized or less) as it traversed southern Rockingham County. Based on radar, the town of Hampton NH had the greatest tornadic threat, as the rotation really wrapped up almost on top of the town of 15,000.



EDIT: Updated info shows several golfball hail reports from this storm and a public report of a funnel cloud.
Turns out there were several reports of funnel clouds and a report of a waterspout with that Supercell. Hail size was reported to be as high as 3" in diameter.