5/10/2006 NOW: TX/LA/MS

Jul 18, 2004
Westport, CT
Rapid increase in the last half hour in the rate of tornado warnings being issued. Angelina County TX sheriff's department reported three tornadoes over Lake Livingston about 20 minutes ago according to the latest SVS out of Houston. Several mean looking storms, three of which are tornado warned, located along and ahead of the cold front in Southeast Texas from near Beaumont to southwest of Houston. Another potentially tornadic storm located west of the Jackson MS area, with a TOR in effect that includes downtown Jackson. Lastly, a tornado warning in effect for Harris County GA in association with what appears to be a bookend vortex on the northern end of an intense bow echo crossing the AL/GA border.

EDIT: Composite reflectivity from 2140z - impressive.
Massive supercells are ongoing in the Austin, TX area also. At 6:57pm EDT, the VIL on cell Y6 is 97!!! I have never seen a VIL that high before. Corresponding hail size is 3.25". The top for this thunderstorm is near 63,000 feet right now....close to or breaking above the tropopause.

This is very impressive hail size and VIL for an area so far south IMO.