4/26/91 and 5/3/93 video

Jan 21, 2005
Geneva, Illinois
Does any one have, or know of anywhere where i could acquire video footage of the events that unfolded on April 26, 1991 and of the "Hooker" storm of May 3, 1993? I am also interested in the Clearwater, KS event of May 16, 1991, the Friona and Dimmitt, TX storms of June 2, 1995, and the Pampa, TX storm of June 8, 1995. If any one could help me on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Bobby Prentice has many (if not all of) these events on his videos from the early 90s, available on his website. Not sure of the URL offhand but I'm sure a "Bobby Prentice storm chaser" Google would do the trick.
Seems to me that Jon Davies might be a guy to see about the Andover and the Hooker events. I'm pretty sure he was on both. Boy, that was a long time ago...but it seems like...ugh.....a long time ago.
Tornado Video Classics III has video from all events that you listed there (from the Tornado Project Online).

Specific chasers that were on these storms (and have highlight videos other than the ones already mentioned):

April 26, 1991:
Dave Ewoldt, Tim Marshall, Gene Rhoden/Bobby Prentice,

May 16, 1991:
Tim Marshall, Bobby Prentice

June 2, 1995:
Bobby Eddins, Bill Gargan, Bobby Prentice

June 8, 1995:
Tim Marshall, Bobby Prentice, Dave Ewoldt

Thanks for your help Shane, Bobby and Joel. I already own all 3 of Bobby Prentice's videos. They are all spectacular! I also already own Bobby Eddins' 91-95 Chase video. Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't you the only chaser who captured video of the Dimmitt tornado from the south? Its awesome footage! I have been in recent contact with John Davies about the Andover and Hooker events also. I am hoping to find some more video of these events to add to my already extensive collection. Thanks for your help guys!

Matt Schuch
Originally posted by Matt Schuch
Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't you the only chaser who captured video of the Dimmitt tornado from the south?

I believe Matt Crowther was also a bit further south and got some tripoded video. Could be remembering wrong though.

For June 8th, 1995 Pampa video I believe Dr. Doswell is the place to go.
Most of the family the Hooker tornado was in appears on Tornado Video Classics 2 from the Tornado Project, as taped by Dave Keller and Jon Davies. (It's about a 20-minute-long sequence, too.)