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4/22/04 NOW: Oklahoma/Western AR/Far North TX

Kevin Scharfenberg

Tornado watch issued east of Waurika-Burbank line in Oklahoma and western AR.

Discuss today's developments...
Tom Tackett and I are currently in Pauls Valley awaiting initiation here at 3:35 pm CDT. We were in Ardmore but decided to move just a little further north. It's humid as hell here I can tell you that and visibilities are about 10 miles from the moisture in the air.

Lots of CU in the area, some trying to tower and getting sheared off/squashed. Won't be long now, time to fire up the chainsaw.
The 15/18Z RUC are looking significantly better than the ETA in terms of tornadic potential. If it verifies, SE OK/SW AR could see some pretty good action towards 00Z and sunset due to the presence of much better low-level shear than we've seen around here in some time.
Anyone watching that supe east of Tulsa yet? - Developing the classic comma shape with more development in a line running to the SW (looks like OKC is safe for the time being as the development appears to be east of there).

Here's the radar breakdown on the Tulsa cell:

68 dBZ, movement=243@14kts, HT=19.8, MXSize=2.25, TVS=none, Meso=none (yet). H1 is the biggest on the board right now with more to follow soon, looks like.
That thing is going insanely intense - very quickly - - - TVS signature now detected... you can practically see it explode on radar. That is a very healthy storm - man I wish I was there! ... haven't looked at 500mb winds, but currently the cell is only at 14kts (could ride a bike and keep up), and might slow a bit with storm environment modification.
I didn't think enough of today's setup to head north into Oklahoma - too similar to yesterday, but in worse chase terrain - so I opted to stick around at home and take care of some work.

I have been watching the area of TCU between DFW and SPS all afternoon, though. Just saw the MCD regarding that area, and if something pops, I might run up 287 for a look. The cap's pretty stout south of the Red River, but there's been sustained moisture convergence in that spot for awhile now.
Regarding Red River area:

Early radar returns popping up just south of the river as well ... looks like a big line is getting ready to scream ... and with improved wind profiles today, we will likely see chasers coming home with something to show us tonight.

envious armchair chaser
Ardmore - get out of there and chase ... you have growing storms moving up from your southwest.

Update - new meso on C2 - south of Tulsa -
Broken Arrow

Got a buddy up there that says his house was close to getting hit. Same thing the other day. What will the next "major city" tornado location be? Dallas is prime. Ft. Worth got theirs a few years ago.
Trey ... go south on 35 ... look to your west ... when you see the towers, take the first highway toward them you can see. Time for you to go visual.

You have a line of storms developing in the next county to the west of the county that I-35 runs through heading right over the river. They are still only reflecting at about 40-50dBZ, but will likely grow. I would think they are your best bet. And please be careful.
Well, we are in Pauls Valley about to hit the road east I think and get over ahead of this. Took this shot just moments ago growing just to the east of Pauls Valley, OK...... hehe you armchair chasers...don't you wish you were here? :twisted:

[Broken External Image]:http://wx5tvs.com/convection.jpg
Days like this make me hate TX/OK.

Grrr@Drummond. How cool is it that a person can do that anyway - take a picture of a developing storm and put it up for all of us to see ...
Trey.... I agree with Mike. The storm developing is b/w Clay and Montague counties in TX. Moisture convergence is strong w/ those storms and are growing fast on vis sat.
I hope he did........ the storm cell in S Montague is a confirmed meso now.
Anyone on this tornado E of Chateau, S of Pryor? Dopplar radar is showing enhanced rotation. This thing must be huge! THe radar I use doesn't use the symbol for enhanced rotation often!
Was just about to ask about that one too. Have friends in Inola which looks like it may have been dead in line with the beast. I can't BELIEVE I'm stuck at home!!!! I hope those down south near 35 put up a good show. I think there were quite a few starting out down there!