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2011-04-27 NOW: LA, MS, AL, TN

At 8:37 the KMXX radar was showing a TVS sporting 147 Kts Maxdv for storm approaching Dadeville. However of course time is now 9:08 and cell has passed that area.
I'm worried the people in Atlanta will let their guard down. ATL is a very large metro area and it looks like SPC will issue a new Tor watch back into Alabama. As these additional storms develop they will eventually push into the ATL area. Conditions will not be as good in four or five hours as they are right now but still good enough to support a couple isolated tornadoes. I do not want to see a late night/early morning tor roll through Atlanta.
Just downloaded GR2 and having issues with screen shots but the couplet SE of KFFC looks very discouraging. I hope this dies out soon as I called my sister right and got her to safety right before her house got demolished in T Town.
There are still two relatively impressive supercells moving across Georgia at this time. One possible tornado was located 6 miles SW of Monticello, GA and another possible tornado was located 5 miles WSW of Madison, GA as of 1:22am EDT. Reflectivity indicated a possible debris ball on the Monticello supercell as of 1:17am EDT.


http://i52.tinypic.com/15xtnjl.jpg (corresponding SRV)
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