2011-04-27 NOW: LA, MS, AL, TN

Through Tuscaloosa... I've never seen anything like this before. I feel like throwing up.

Screen Shot:

Unfortunately I just looked at a webcam from Tuscaloosa and I found this.
Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 5.12.18 PM.jpg

Tornado on left side of screen shot in center frame.
I hope as many people as possible took cover in Tuscaloosa (and everywhere else TORs are occurring, naturally).

The latest TOR Warning from HSV has the storm moving in NE Jackson County at 75mph!! Incredible.

Those feeds from Tuscaloosa were chilling. All the more so with it marching on towards Birmingham.
And BHM is next in line...

I'm afraid you're probably right, this storm seems to be turning a bit to the east, which would put Birmingham right in its path. Very seldom am I scared, but I'm honestly scared for what may happen in the next 30-45 minutes. I hope they have the sirens blaring already...
I heard that, too. That's over 200 mph, which would be an EF5. We'll see. It did look very violent.

That 177kt was max dv, or the difference between inbound and outbound velocities. Mike U is Facebooking (I don't mean to relay his reports from Facebook to a public forum, but I think he wouldn't mind an exception), and said the tornado had velocities of 139 kts inbound, 110 kts outbound, which is greater than the Greensburg and Trousdale tornadoes had. Mind you, that's the average velocity in the radar resolution volume at the height of the radar beam.
2 tor-warned cells moving towards Decatur, we're sitting here on the west end of Decatur, waiting for it to come up, looks like it will be rain wrapped, but hoping for a decent view.

lots of damage to an industrial park where we are sitting from previous tornadoes that came through here, we saw an overturned tractor trailer earlier, Police and firecrews were on scene. the giant fireball seen on the stream was a gas plant burning off gas through their smokestack, so nothing to be alarmed about there, miraculously it didnt take a direct hit. We just observed an amazing wall cloud about 45 minutes ago right where we are sitting, that tightened up but didnt spit out a funnel.

chase feed is still up

Would be real surprised if they don't issue an emergency on that storm headed into Birmingham. The velocity couplet on that thing is, to borrow a Reed word, INTENSE, and spotters have a large tornado on the ground. Unless that thing cycles, this is approaching one of those worst-case scenarios.

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Would be real surprised if they don't issue an emergency on that storm headed into Birmingham.

They did about 20 minutes ago. Unfortunately some offices are now stopping issuing Tornado Warnings and issuing Tornado Emergencies instead straight out of the gate, which is breaking some dissemination systems as it's a violation of the standard format.
Courtesy of 33/40:


Good news is this thing doesn't look quite as intense as it did earlier, although that could be because of proximity to the radar. Don't see any indication of it cycling...
Many discrete supercells ongoing in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee right now. Obviously the one requiring the most attention is southwest of Birmingham, AL. Reflectivity continues to indicate a debris ball and the storm is exhibiting very strong rotation.

As of 5:55pm CDT the tornado was 4 miles SW of Forestdale, AL or 8 miles W of Birmingham, AL.


http://i54.tinypic.com/2j17knk.jpg (corresponding SRV)

As of 6:00pm CDT the tornado was located 6 miles WSW of Tarrant City, AL and will pass north of downtown Birmingham.

As of 6:09pm CDT the tornado was located near Fultondale, AL or about 5 miles N of downtown Birmingham, AL.
Another possible tornado was located 20 miles WSW of Brent, AL or 27 miles SW of West Blocton, AL as of 6:14pm CDT. (reflectivity: http://i52.tinypic.com/29geres.jpg)

As of 6:32pm CDT a possible tornado, associated with the southwestern supercell, was located 11 miles SW of Blocton, AL or 31 miles SW of Alabaster, AL. The tornado could be near Alabaster or Pelham, AL by 7:10pm CDT.

As of 6:41pm CDT a confirmed tornado was located 22 miles SW of Alabaster, AL and will approach Alabaster between 7:00pm and 7:10pm CDT. (6:46pm reflectivity: http://i54.tinypic.com/2n6hh95.jpg and SRV: http://i52.tinypic.com/124zrya.jpg)

EDIT 5: Storm near Alabaster, AL has thankfully weakened, but a possible tornado is located 6 miles WSW of Alabaster as of 7:00pm CDT. Another tornado is located 9 miles SSW of Rainbow City, AL.
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Extremely large tornado on towercams and chaser feeds heading into BHM. I can't believe this is happening. Looks like it may pass just north of downtown.