2011-04-27 NOW: LA, MS, AL, TN

Moving through western Birmingham - reporter claims that that's as far as they can pan the camera.

Rather sickening image right now on sky cam of people driving on the freeway right into the circulation region.... latest radar image shows circulation very close to DT Birmingham.... -106/122 kts.

TWO TORNADOES appear to be 'training' as this cell cycles back to the west !!!
Stunning !!!
cell to the west is rapidly becoming large tornado as well !!! Almost following the same path as previous path at Birmingham.
Awful, awful... it seems whatever site I go to has live tornadoes on it. Andy Gabrielson has one just east of the Mississippi/Alabama border, abc3340.com, and I expect whnt.com will have one soon. I'm listening abc3340 right now and the damage they are getting reported is EF4/EF5 (awaiting confirmation/survey, of course). Birmingham saw debris from Tuscaloosa before the tornado got to it.
looks like initial tornado has faded, new circulation tightening to the WSW... classic cyclic cell
new tornado circulation forming over Tarrant City area !!!
Just saw some damage pics. Looked just like the May 3rd aftermath. With all the focus on the BHM tornado, I started looking at the other cells around this area and some are just as impressive!