2005 #stormtalk guest chat discussion

Dec 26, 2004
Booneville, KY
Since the chat with Dr. Rasmussen went so well and since so many liked it, we will attempt to do more of these over the course of the year. I am in the process now of scheduling new guests. I have emails sent to a number of noted chasers, meteorologists and researchers, who are IMO anyway, experts in certain areas. Because I don't yet have replies from all of them, I will not post their names, that way they will not feel obligated to make an appearance. But as they reply and if they agree, I will add them to this thread, as well as the date/time/subject of each chat . Here is where we stand right now:

Dr. Josh Wurman
Thursday March 17 @ 8 PM CST
Subject: Subvortex, Doppler On Wheels, etc
For background see: http://www.cswr.org/
Chat completed.....log below

Dr. John Scala (former TWC severe wx expert)
Thursday March 31 @ 8 PM Central
Subject: warning leadtime, F-scale, building construction
Background: www.atmos.millersville.edu/metall/html/scala2003.htm

Tim Samaras
Thursday July 7 @ 8 PM Central
Subject: instrumented probes

Gene Moore (date and topic TBA)

Tim Marshall (date and topic TBA)

Gary England (date and topic TBA)

The Twister Sisters (date and topic TBA)

I have also received replies from Chuck Doswell, Howie Bluestein, Jim Leonard and Paul Markowski. They have indicated they are too busy with various things attm to do a chat, however they may be able to do so later in the Summer or in the Fall. I'll provide an update on these 4 people when I get something.

Others pending. Please check back later for details.

Chat location:

For IRC users: irc.slashnet.org (room name #stormtalk)

Java users: www.slashnet.org/java.php (room #stormtalk)

The #stormtalk room will be used specifically for hosting guest chats. It will be strictly moderated so no foul language, foolishness or off topic discussion interferes with, disrupts or offends anyone.

A general chat (which may include off topic subjects or even crude language) will be ongoing in #stormchase. This is the nightly chat most of our group uses. Enter this one at your own risk.

If you have any questions about these chats, feel free to PM me.


just for starters...so many good chasers out there to ask 8)

Any of those guys would be great too. I'll be there for Josh too.
Saw and listened to Al Moller at the TESSA conference. Even though his segment was a little rushed he did put on a good showing. I would like to see a chat with him as well.
Good going getting Josh. It will be a packed chatroom that night!
Thanks for the comments and suggestions Susan, Jeff and Bill. I am attempting to contact some other people. I'll see what I can do as far as the names mentioned, though I can't promise anything. But we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

We'll try to spread these out over the course of the year as much as possible so as to not bunch them up. But we may have to do a few a week or so apart to avoid the main part of chase season. Then we can do others later when the weather starts to wind down again.


Hi GeorgT :)

It's great idea to meet with Josh online! I missed Erik and I can't wait for Wurman.

Angel Dimitrov
Nice job, George in getting these people to visit the chat room.
Hopefully, the chat room will continue to grow and we gain more
chasers to the chat room each week, to discuss chasing, and
severe weather. Once again, great work George.


That's the plan unless something changes between now and then. I may send him an email reminder this morning sometime however, just to make sure he he hasn't forgotten the date.

Is anyone en expert in de-firewalling mIRC? I can't get into the room under the Monash firewall :-(. I'd really like to come to some of these chats if I can.

I belong to another message board where tons of computer geeks (I say that with tons of respect...hehe) hang out. I'll pose that question there and post back any results I get. If they don't know, I doubt anyone will.


I don't use Macs regularly and have little experience with them. But I did a quick search on Yahoo and it could be the built in firewall blocking mIRC and causing your problems. Check this out and mess around with it and see if you can uncheck the firewall:


If that doesn't work, I found some software that will take care of network firewalls. Of course it costs $50, so I doubt you'd be interested in that. However there may be a free trial download available at this site. You can check it out and see.


And while you are trying that, I'm gonna try to gather some other ideas, just in case neither of those options are winners.

Well, I dropped in, waited for Josh, and soon got REAL tired of the crude language people were throwing around. Sorry, I really don't need to hear 'f*****g b*****s' and similar language.

Someone even started to bash Josh, who was late, and hadn't yet arrived, for being "unprofessional." OMG! What kind of an 'jerk' compains like that? For all this guy knows, Josh is in the hospital.

George, Aaron, and others(?) have invested a lot of work making these meetings possible. I'd like to think people could show some respect for that effort. Guess not....

George, good luck with future chats, you'll need it. At this point, a seance with Dr. Fujita wouldn't convince me to return to that wretched forum.



Sorry to all regarding my original, overly 'colorful,' rant. For whatever reason, the language and attitude in the chat room really hit a nerve.

Just to let everyone know that the individual that potentially offended a few tonight will likely be banned from the chatroom. Any uncalled for actions by anyone will result in a ban/gline if performed during the night of a guest chat. This will NOT happen again. Any person(s) that use offensive language or perform offensive behaviour in the chatroom... during the night of a guest chat, will be banned IMMEDIATELY on the spot.

Thank you,

..Nick Grillo..
Edited to say:

Greg, we are sorry if you were offended tonight. However, I don't think it's very nice to call out our room in public and make it look bad. Nobody is perfect and neither are we. But if you don't like the chat, you don't have to come. Simple as that.

Maybe you will prefer what we plan to do in the future to accomodate everyone. Read my post below for a solution that will hopefully satisfy everyone involved.

I can't even begin to say how angry I am right now. Dr. Wurman was a little late in arriving tonight, so I left the room unmoderated in order to allow people to chat and avoid becoming bored while we waited.

But apparently, a couple of people decided it would be more appropriate to act like complete jackasses instead, causing no doubt several people to leave.

I don't know how to say this any more to the point than this:

If in the future we are having a special guest chat and anyone shows up that evening (even prior to the chat beginning) using foul language and acting like jackasses, you will be immediately banned for the entire evening by me. I am sick of this crap taking place in the chatroom. Everyone is welcome there but having these special chats requires us to use a bit more maturity than when it's just the normal 15-20 of us who are there everynight.

In other words, there's a time to be serious.

And Greg, I am sorry you were offended in there tonight and I thank you for your words of support. But it seems some of the language you used in your above post was just as bad as anything mentioned in chat earlier. Just an observation.


George, do you think I usualy go around calling people vile names?
Enduring many minutes of idiotic vulgarity while waiting for Josh to show did not sit well with me. After reading the snotty remark about Josh, I became downright livid.

My applogies to all for hitting the 'send' button before reconsidering the material.

Well I myself will not miss a single person who only comes to chat for those special guests anyway. Is it any less rude for folks to come into the room we've always had only for special people? Most come in right when it starts and leave the second the guest does...that is it. I think THAT is rude. We are not upity towards anyone. It is nice that way. We all tolerate one another and when we don't like it we can simply leave, that simple. Yeesh.
Sorry to be such a pain, but would someone mind posting Dr. Wurman's chat log? - I can't make the chats since I have other obligations on Thursday nights, but would really like to keep reading over the presentations once they are done. Nice work on putting the lineup together, George. Too bad there were disruptions tonight. It's still a really nice arrangement -
If in the future we are having a special guest chat and anyone shows up that evening (even prior to the chat beginning) using foul language and acting like jackasses, you will be immediately banned for the entire evening by me. I am sick of this crap taking place in the chatroom. Everyone is welcome there but having these special chats requires us to use a bit more maturity than when it's just the normal 15-20 of us who are there everynight.

We act like jackasses towards ourselves! It is called humor to a lot of us. If you go this route I can assure you you will lose the core of that chatroom. Moderating for the guest is cool, but other than that, screw that. The core of that chat(the only ones who consider even stopping on non-"special" nights) have stayed together because we don't get upity over such stupid crap like some. Some people can be damned breakable and that is tough.....for them. If you cater to all, you will lose the ones that care to stop to talk and chat with YOU....not just the special guests. I would assume the one being referred to was the drunk one. The same one who behaved properly once the guest showed up(after it was open to all to talk). So that is clear, there is nothing wrong with entering our chat drunk and enjoying yourself.