Chat with Dr. John Scala: 03/31/05 at 8pm CST, 9pm EST

Dec 4, 2003
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Just a reminder that Dr John Scala will be chatting with us tonight.

George Tincher got us another guest chatter.

Dr. John Scala (former TWC severe wx expert)
Thursday March 31 @ 8 PM Central
Subject: warning leadtime, F-scale, building construction

Chat location:

For IRC users: (room name #stormtalk)

Java users: (room #stormtalk)

The #stormtalk room will be used specifically for hosting guest chats. It will be strictly moderated so no foul language, foolishness or off topic discussion interferes with, disrupts or offends anyone.

A general chat (which may include off topic subjects or even crude language) will be ongoing in #stormchase. This is the nightly chat most of our group uses. Enter this one at your own risk.

Unfortunately I missed this event. Is someone going to post the chat log here?

Dr. Scala has emailed me since the chat and said he really enjoyed the experience. He also commented on how knowledgeable the group was. He said he'd like to drop in from time to time as a semi-regular to just chit-chat weather with us. So thanks to all who made the chat a welcoming place last night. Having someone like Dr. Scala coming by from time to time would be great for the chat. It's obvious he has a love for teaching and what a better place for that than a real-time chat where various weather topics are discussed? I also provided him a link to this board and invited him to join us here as well.