12/1/06: NOW: Northeast US

At 10:00 AM EST, the squall line moving across Eastern OH has blown up and already looks quite nasty. SRV scans show winds in excess of 55kts. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is already in effect for that area.

Line should continue to strengthen and become particularly intense as we go through the afternoon hours. I could see a PDS Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for areas in Central PA east to NYC and Western New England later given the intense dynamics and resultant widespread high wind potential (60-80mph). It's not that often we have temperatures in the mid-60's, DP's in the 57-64 range, a 125 kt mid level wind max and incredible forcing in December. Happy 1st Day of Meteorological winter!!

PS: Much of the Northeast was upgraded to a MODERATE RISK of severe at 13z.
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Numerous Thunderstorm warnings and 1 Tornado Warning (with attendant TVS) just east of Pittsburgh at 11:30 AM EST.

PS: Numerous reports of damage and wind gusts of 65-70mph have been received already.
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Pretty impressive to see the 50dbz wrapping around the center of rotation on the tornado warned cell near Greensburg. Lowest tilt at around 2400ft was showing some pretty decent rotation just prior to moving over Greensburg, which has now become encircled in the core of precipitation. A sign of things to come?
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Yeah, its nuts out there right now. I am listening to the TeamSpeak scanner out of the area and local scanner buffs are reporting possible tornadoes. Confirmed damage reports of roofs off of houses, trees and wires down and roads blocked in Central Westmoreland County, PA (Hempfield Twp., PA). They are requesting numerous Mutual Aid for fire apparatus and EMS. This is the area where the tornado warning was in effect.

Going to be a very busy day!!
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The Severe thunderstorm watch has now been expanded up through a large portion of central NY. This is certainly an impressive event for 12/1, if that warm sector can continue its northward march, you might find some excitement coming right into Albany later on.
Yeah I know it. I may even hop in the car to go 30 mins south if the warm sector doesn't punch thru ALB proper. But things are looking increasing active (and dangerous) for later today.

PS: I am hearing 1st hand fire and police scanner reports of funnel sightings with numerous roofs off of structures.
Ya the storms look impressive on radar and its only early afternoon. Once these cells hook up we could see some devestating derechos later today and tonight. Are there any other ways to listen in on ham radio operators in that area without using teamspeak?
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Howard, ironically enough, it looks like some of the strongest convection is heading through the Adirondacks. Head NORTH!!! Theres some fierce looking bow echoes embedded in all that, get ready.
Reports near Glen Summit coming in of a possible tornado hitting a supermarket. LSR states 5 serious injuries. Tornado warning was issued three minutes prior if the LSR time is correct. Upwards of 60kts G2G at times. Report is just south of where the center of rotation was located (but more in line with the wind damage LSR to the west which it past over). There was a WER present in this location.


EDIT: Rotation still persisting as of 2234z

A second area of rotation which has persisted for 20+ minutes near Stroudsburg just recently took off with nearly 50kts Vr indicated. QLCS line rapidly approaching densely populated areas.
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Tornado Warning-Warren County NJ

A tornado warning has been issued for Warren County NJ until 6:30 p.m. There's a nasty squall line of intense thunderstorms entering northwestern New Jersey.
New tornado watch in effect until 10 PM for the entire NYC metro area with the exception of Long Island. Broken line of severe thunderstorms is approaching the area from the west; two distinct areas of rotation exist within the line - both contained in TORs at this time.
Tornado Watch issued for New York City Tri-State area.

Several long lived supercells with occasional tornadoes have been moving into E PA, NJ and SE NY. They have been in the warm sector all day. Going to be an interesting few hours. Clearly, the squall ine just moved through ALbany but we were stuck North of the warm front all day. Temps in the 40's. This gave wind gusts to 20mph at best here at my house with lots of lightning. What a strange day.

I have a felling the sever potential is going to be a lot more interesting downstate in the next few hours.

PS: The 5 injuries in the Pennsylvania Tornado are reported to be serious.
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I just stepped outside; it's overcast. Clouds are moving rapidly from southwest to northeast. It's warm out here-probably in the upper 60s. No thunder or lightning yet, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled.
Now it gets interesting as the squall line approaches the high-rises of the urban New Jersey and Manhattan areas. Judging by the amount of trees, wires and structural damage there is in Northern NJ and SE NY, it may get busy in NYC.
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Just got off the phone with my folks that are in Enfield CT. Seems the squall line went un-severe as it reached the CT river. They got some heavy rain, wind, and some lightning, but nothing of consequence. Local media is reporting over 10,000 without power in the areas to the W & NW of Hartford.
Very weak. We had rain, some wind, and lightning with the squall line passage. Had I been camping I might have been a little scared. Other than that it was a non-event.