06/30/05 TALK: Central Plains

Kind of surprised talk not yet started re: setup in SE KS today, unless there are many more like me just waking up after traveling back from the great white north all night!

Anyway, parameters look pretty good w/ cold front encroaching on virgin juicy airmass, along w/ a bit of an inverted surface low trough to the west that may back surface winds. Pretty good directional shear, LCL's look to be at under 1,200 m or lower, and visible satellite at mid-day has the area in the clear. No doubt of surface moisture convergence; initiation shouldn't be a problem.

Anyone heading out?
I had considered it, especially with my dad being off work, so I have a chase partner today. But, I already have a prior committment today.
I went ahead and changed the heading to include other parts of the Plains today as High Plains chasers in CO, NM, and western Kansas as well as the Panhandles may get some action in these areas today. Low probs and okay setups would get me out today if I wasn't working all day, but I'm limited to Denver this afternoon.
I will most likely be out this evening in North Central Oklahoma right along the I-35 corridor. My plans depends entirely on where the actual initiation develops and which way it's moves (of course we are all dictated by that aren't we?). Depending on timing, I may venture further east into SE Kansas, but most likley will stay closer to home with the MCS development.
06/30/05 TALK: KANSAS & E. CO

I will be chasing with my partner Sean Mullen today, since SPC was so kind as to grant us a 2% torn. risk rather than just hinting at the possibility of "landspouts" in our area :wink:. Slightly further east, with a stationary front & sfc. mesolow pulling some decent WAA around it's north side, sw KS (around DDC-GDC) looks to have the "best" combo of severe parameters with backing winds, copious sfc. moisture & instability, and synoptic lift. However, I don't think the continued 2% risk (even out into KS, darnit!!) warrants the drive on such a marginal day (mid-level winds just totally lacking).
Will probably just play with any front range convection that's virtually guaranteed to fire today (and tomorrow) but sfc moisture is waay low out here today. We'll just wait & see what pops up around 3:00.
Looking forward to tomorrow 8) .
I am possibly going to be heading out in the next 2-3 hrs. The area north of ICT (Mcpherson-HUT-Salina) area looks to be my play if/when things go and can mature. Shear appears sufficient for a few short-duration supercells.. very high T/TD bases should keep the storms mainly high based. Of note... ICT has been mentioning tornado threat in last two HWO..... SPC also maintains 2%.

... good luck all
Over by Coldwater, Ks. there are a few small cells starting to show up along the statelane. Movement appears to be slowly eastward. These seem to be just ahead of the cold front which really isn't moving all that fast itself.

I would think this area (From about Alva, OK. to Wichita, Ks. may be a very good area to watch in the next couple of hours for development.
Dick McGowan w/ Darin Brunin watching the Coffey County, KS storm now doppler tor warned - seeing vertical motion at last report. Showing 43 /ks shear.
Is anyone on the Parsons, KS supercell? Two tornadoes reported on the ground near sunset. Nice spin on radar, moving right away from EC KS cluster.
Yes - Dick McGowan and Darin Brunin have been chasing this storm all the way from when it was originally warned in Greenwood County and were following it near Parsons as of a few minutes ago. Heard a local radio report of public sighting of half-mile wide tornado, but haven't seen anything in warning statements to confirm this.
NWS reported this in Public Informatoin:

0847 PM TORNADO 4 NE PARSONS 37.38N 95.22W

Still reported on the ground per latest warning...approaching outskirts of Joplin. Dick and Darin have broken off the chase on account of darkness. This has been a very long-lived supercell, w/ continuous tornado warnings for ~7 county-lengths in a row now.
It appers that the city of SCAMMON in CHEROKEE Co. KS has been hit by a Tornado....


.... Does any body know how serious the situation there is? Hope it wasn't to strong and the damage lvl is low.
Looks like joplin just missed the most dangerous part of the storm but its still tracking to the sw. if i were in diamond, Granby or Neosho id be taking tornado precautions now
I'm assuming since nothing has come out on the extent of the damage yet, nothing major happened (such as an injury or extensive damage). We heard one of the news stations in Wichita report it, but they didn't give us more than the town that got hit. We'll see later on Friday.

I'm surprised that Greenwood county cell actually did something (I thought it was only going to be the token radar indicated rotation we get with these strong summer fronts), because when it was there, it looked like a cell that was briefly going to rotate then maybe be a hailer. I just blew off the possibility of a long-track tornadic supercell because one of the SPC outlooks said marginal shear was in place.
It appers that the city of SCAMMON in CHEROKEE Co. KS has been hit by a Tornado....


.... Does any body know how serious the situation there is? Hope it wasn't to strong and the damage lvl is low.

I live in Scammon and I don't know of any major damage or injuries in town from the storms last night, although there was quite a bit of tree damage and possibly other damage to structures that I haven't seen or heard about.

I was caught somewhat off guard by the storms last night and didn't chase or spot any aside from what I could do from my house, and while I didn't witness any wall clouds or funnel clouds from my house, I couldn't see all of the updraft base due to trees. Judging from radar, storm reports other than the one that mentioned Scammon, and what I could see, I think the main area of rotation stayed to the west of town. Scammon is only about a quarter to a half square mile in size, so if anything did touch down in the town itself it couldn't have been far from where I was. At my house the worst we got from the tornadic storm was penny to nickel size hail -- there wasn't much wind. I think most of the wind damage in town came from severe straight line winds associated with the bow echo that blew through 2 or 3 hours after the supercell, but I'll be very interested to see the info from the damage survey to find out the paths of any tornadoes in the area.

The worst damage that I know of in the area was to a mobile home that was destroyed near McCune. Unfortunately news reports say that there were two people injured in the mobile home and that there was a third injury elsewhere in the area.

Blake Allen