06/03/2004 FCST: CO, NE, KS, OK, TX

SPC has a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather across Eastern Colorado, as well as western NE, KS, and the OK/TX Panhandles..

This may be the first day of the second half of my season as I have returned to work once again with a modified summer schedule that leaves me free to roam after 1pm MDT. I intend to remain close as my marathon chasing may be done for the season; and with a SLIGHT RISK posted for the Eastern Plains, I may not have to venture too far anyway.

Will get more details tomorrow as I have plenty to keep me busy, but in any case, I'll likely give start to the second half of the season on Thursday as the High Plains season starts its peak time this month! :)
Yeah, I'm looking forward to perhaps something closer to home here in the OK or TX panhandles myself !! :wink:

If we can just get moisture, maybe ???

Wonder if we asked everyone in the Texas panhandle to turn on their lawn sprinklers if that would help our SFC dewpoints ?? :joker:

Hope for an exciting next few weeks on the high plains !!
Thur looks possibly interesting in the NE/CO/WY borders area. I was thinking about making that trek but I might just hold out for Friday as it's looking kind of(really) nice...in NE. Can someone start a forecast thread for Friday?
With the upper flow as it was yesterday, storms that form should move to the south-east. I'm going to position myself out near Prospect Valley and be ready to either catch a right mover coming off the cheyenne ridge or catch some action off the DCVZ to the south. See you all out there!
New Mexico needs to be added to this forecast thread. We had a moisture push last night due, in part, to the strong MCS in the TX pnhndl.

My vantage wireless shows the dewpoint steadily climbed from 12F to 46F in less than 10 hours.

Dew point this morning here in Los Alamos was 46 which is very high for 7400 feet! As the ABQ afd noted, even with a strengthening upper high, storms will be possible given the moisture and daytime heating. Especially east of the central mtn chain closer to the dry line.

A factoid for all you weather buffs:

According to a report done by the meteorologists at the lab, in an average year Los Alamos experiences 61 thunderstorm days a year, about twice the national average. So, while you guys are baking in the plains in late july I will be walking on my back porch to "chase". :D :D
Something close to home for a change.. going to make my way into Hudson, Colorado where I'll have access to data at the library off I-76/Hwy 52. Decent road options to make right moves off the Cheyenne Ridge or shoot south to hit the DCVZ (which owes me). Need to keep this tight as I have very very limited funds to play with today. Going to gas up and get my gear and head out around 1p. Ciao all!