03/03/05 NOW: NW Texas

A nice, low topped right turning supercelll developed just NW of LBB and turned right as it went across northern LBB county. It's now moving into a more favorable environment off the caprock. I am stuck at home working on some stuff so Graham is after it right now. Reports a NICE well formed base with associated hail core, but he said it was REALLY high. I can see the crisp storm towers from my house over 50 miles away. They were sheared over quite a bit earlier but are now becoming more erect.

I noticed on the VAD from LBB there were 15kt winds out of the SSE nearer the surface and 50kts up around 26000 out of the west, so the shear is there. I am wondering if that base is going to lower and the dewpoint spreads close as it moves off the caprock!

EDIT: 7:18 CST
He's reporting a nice sculpted base on this, albiet high base. He's gonna try to get some lightning since it's getting dark.
The cell is really falling apart, but it was impressive to say the least at one point, fairly long lived, but its all over considering tornadic activity(A good thing, since its getting dark.) But it still would have some nice lightning associated with it. Did get some hail, but other than that, not much more.