You tell ME where to post this

May 7, 2005
South Carolina
Apparantly, I don't know where to post anything. I posted a post in the map room about getting ready to chase the Katrina-initiated tornadoes that were popping up all over Northern Georgia, and asked if anyone was going to chase them. I THOUGHT that this was the room to talk about weather events that were taking place NOW. I guess it was deleted. The weather lab says "No CURRENT weather discussions, so I figured that is what it meant. So....since the new format started, it seems to be.....take a stab at what thread you should be in, and hope it doesn't get deleted. Perhaps it's just me, and I'm not fitting into ANY thread, but where do you ask trackers if they are going to chase a particular storm system? In the weather lab - that says "No current storm discussions, please." or in the map room? OR....somewhere entirely different? Should it have been in the Katrina thread?, even though we are talking tubes here, and NOT the Hurricane? And btw - I DID chase tonight, and caught a GREAT supercell, with a funnel, that "reportedly" touched down in Commerce, Ga - around 7PM. Awesome storm, and VERY suprising to see the structure associated with it. The classic layered bowl shape. Unfortunately, I had my video, but NO digital camera, as I took the card out last night to give it to a friend to get pics made from it. I took a couple with my cell phone though, and at least they were better than nothing. Anyway, sorry to rant here, but having posts deleted is very annoying, especially after you make sure to read the "mandatory" rules before hand.
It was a very short post, just mentioning that there were a LOT of tornado warned counties in this area, and wondering if anyone was going to chase them. If that wasn't the right thread to post it in, I really have no idea where it should have went. Map room? - **Live weather! Forecasts, nowcasts, reports, and photographs from storm chasers.**
Weather Lab? - **Regular discussions about meteorology, forecasting, and chasing. No current storm discussions, please.** These were the only two options, unless the correlation between the tornadoes and Katrina should have placed it with the Katrina thread. I put it in the Map room, because of the "live weather" conotation, and not the Weather Lab, because it says NO current storm discussion.
I guess I just didn't see it, so for that, I apologize. The heading was changed, which is no big deal, but that is why I didn't see it. I still find it somewhat confusing to know exactly where to post certain things. But at any rate, the post is still there, so I'll quit whining now.

I PMed you about this yesterday. At the top of the page, you should see something along the lines of "You Have 1 New Message"... I had to change the title of your post since the title you gave it did not comply with the map room rules.

(4) Types of messages. Map Room allows three types of messages, as follows. TALK is no longer permitted.

* FCST is for discussing severe weather that has not occurred yet.

* NOW is for discussing severe weather that has occurred.

* REPORT is reserved for your storm chase reports and photos ONLY. This is where to go to tell us how your chase went! Hearsay, secondhand reports, and spotter and media reports are not allowed in REPORT; they belong in NOW.

-> Map Room Rules -- MANDATORY READING

The rules only allow for three thread types (FCST, NOW, and REPORT). Notice that every single post in the Map Room follows the same naming convention.