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Whow, Things have gotten weird and interesting lately

Well well, look at what the cat has pulled out of the bag now :shock:
I dont if its just the fact that Im really starting to get into this Namias project I have for my term project for intro 2 or things really are getting interesting.
Now you dont have to explain to me what is going on, my curiosity got the best of me this morning when the central Oklahoma forecast went down the toilet and went down fast. Things have been relatively "boring" since I dont know, July? around here till now. The setup that's in place right now has some springtime looks to it. Been keeping tabs on surface conditions last 24hrs and will continue to do so for some gut feeling I have for something coming.
Just curious as to your thoughts
I dont know about you, but in general busted forecasts always get my attention.
Same kind of thing happens up here. The winter brings in all the weird weather for the northwest coast. I am actually surprised how cold it has gotten around my area. Usually we stay really mild this time of year.
Chris, what's the Namias term project you're doing? Is it involved with the general atmospheric's circulation associations with Plains drought? Interesting stuff....

The persistent warm northeast Pacific this season certainly suggests northward jet displacement and ridging tendencies off the US west coast in the cold season, with corresponding troughing into the northern plains and midwest. The GFS seems to be hinting at this the beginning of next month as the long wave trough axis settles into the northern plains with pronounced ridging off the west coast.
Looking at the longer range GFS (120-384 hours) would suggest a strong spring like pattern across the eastern half of the United States. Of course, it's impossible to pinpoint such events... The central Plains and Midwest seem especially favored for storms dropping down from Canada (Albert Clipper type storms) and deep southwestern lows. My bet is that this active period will be our transformation into "winter-like" weather - Bring it on!
Speaking of long-term GFS... go look at the 9.5 day GFS forecast... You'll notice a very strong trough moving into the plains, in MUCH the same manner as the upcoming trough due in the plains on Friday... Coincidence? I think not... MUHAHA {evil laugh}...
Since last Saterday we have 35cm of snow on the ground in Edmonton
Alberta,not sure what that is in inches.Can't recall the last time we had
this much snow before Halloween.Looks like it will stay to spring.
Interesting to see Texas with temps around 35c.