Weather station "measures" a wind "gust" of 2202,5 mph in Tartu

Nov 14, 2006
Laguja, Estonia, Europe
It appears like a University of Tartu's weather station in Tartu has had a strange malfunction and when it came back online at midnight, it gave a wind gust reading of 2202,5 mph.
Last 24 hours in that station
Weather station's home page

In reality, the weather has been cloudy and warm. Highest wind gusts have been around 15 mph and air temperature reached 41,0°F earlier today. That makes this day warmest day of this month. It has been occasionally raining here. Snow depth is also decreasing because of above freezing temperatures

Also, this morning, irradiation flux had sudden rising spike. Probably also station malfunction.

Edit: Weather station has now removed the incorrect reading from their site. Fortunately I did a screen capture of that page. I also feel that I should have posted this at Chaser's Bar & Grill and I apologize if it really belongs there.


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