The day a big storm blew down a lot of my trees

Brandon Jones

Jan 13, 2024
22531 Jewell St NE, Bethel, MN 55005
So it was June 25, 2016, I went to someone's graduation party and storms were expected, during the party the storms moved in and it began to rain then the graduation party ended. So I tried to get home as soon as possible and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for my area and it produced a 69 MPH wind gust at my location and caused a downburst. Once I got to my driveway I saw multiple trees down so I had to walk up the driveway and after that, my dad cleared out the driveway. Luckily it didn't cause any damage to my property.

There were a few other things that I saw before I got home. When the wind blew it caused power lines to spark and a power pole got knocked down onto someone's tree, it started sparking and it was arking the tree so my mom dialed 911.

This was one of the worst storms I've ever been in.