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severe weather

  1. Brandon Jones

    The day a big storm blew down a lot of my trees

    So it was June 25, 2016, I went to someone's graduation party and storms were expected, during the party the storms moved in and it began to rain then the graduation party ended. So I tried to get home as soon as possible and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for my area and it produced a...
  2. Olivier Staiger


    Hi, after a long long absence, I am back. So sorry.... ;-) Glad to see Stormtrack is still alive. Awesome. Makes me feel 20 years younger , hahahaha... OK, here is the thing. I am a stormchaser ( have chased the U.S. plains since Y2K , guided/driven for some tours for ETT and...
  3. Stu Short

    FLUID 2 - Severe Weather Timelapse

    Sadly, like many of us, it looks increasingly unlikely, nay foolhardy, to be chasing this year so completing this timelapse video was incredibly bittersweet. A follow up to the video I published at the beginning of the year (which Vimeo inexplicably erased after my iMac went kaput and deleted...
  4. Gavin Groth

    At least 3 fatalities; 7 injuries, from 2/5/2020-2/6/2020 severe wx event.

    Unfortunately I have been looking through the filtered severe weather reports and I noticed more fatalities and injuries from the most recent severe weather event. This event, of course stemmed from yesterdays enhanced risk, and the slight risk on 2/5/2020. One of the fatalities was tornado...
  5. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Intense Thunderstorm [Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Watch] - 05/29/2019

    Quite rare for where I live
  6. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Line of Severe Thunderstorms Approaching - 04/26/2019

  7. Mike Z

    07-27-2018 Post Severe Storm Time-Lapse with Mammatus Clouds Over New Jersey

  8. Alex Elmore

    CIPS Experimental Analog-Based Severe Probability Guidance

    Saint Louis University-CIPS has recently developed experimental analog-based severe probability guidance, which is available here: http://www.eas.slu.edu/CIPS/SVRprob/SVRprob.php There is a link at the bottom of the page that provides a brief technical explanation of the guidance, and we’ll be...
  9. SKYWARNVermont

    Vermont Weather Reports

    I'll be giving daily updates for the Chittden County area in Vermont, and I'll be keeping watch for severe weather, posing updates on new weather developments for the green mountain state. Anyone wanting to send reports are greatly appreciated!
  10. Ash Bray

    Meteorology student looking to chase

    Hello, weather enthusiasts! My name is Ash and I'm an Atmospheric Science and Meterology student through the The University of Arizona, residing in West Virginia. Upon graduation, I hope to work with a weather team to develop new radar programs and help increase tornado warning times. With that...
  11. Robert Forry

    The Great Flood of SE Michigan

    I know there's been torrential rainfall events and flooding in the U.S. on a massive scale since then (who can forget the flooding that occurred along the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers in the '90s?), but this caught my attention as it was even reported on the BBC as I served with the Air...
  12. Peter B. Creedon


    Anyone remember this series of storms? Harvester, a hamlet near my then home got hit by what was later determined to be an F1 tornado. We were out on the Mississippi River on a friends boat when the storms started rolling in. We were driving home on Hwy B and Huster Road when we were hit by the...
  13. Robert Forry

    2016-03-15 EVENT: MO/IL/IN/MI/OH

    A potent upper level level system with short wave trough will eject out of the four corners region tonight and advect into the Northern Plains/Upper MS Valley tomorrow. Trough progged to take on a negative tilt with a 90-100 kt jet core as the system moves into IL by 3Z Wednesday. Divergence in...
  14. KendraReed

    Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Have Become More Common

    Thoughts? "Now, a new study shows that the average number of tornadoes in these outbreaks has risen since 1954, and that the chance of extreme outbreaks —tornado factories like the one in 2011—has also increased." http://iri.columbia.edu/news/tornado-outbreaks/