Urban Action

Post your best urban intercept! Do you have Man vs. Nature on city streets? Lightning, tornado, hurricane, sandstorm...your choice...show them here (please describe where and what it is). Let's unite against the urban heat island effect! :)

Lightning over Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona:

Lightning makes traffic lights look tiny in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Lightning strike vs. the Scottsdale Airport:

Wake up, sleeping suburbia :) Fountain Hills, Arizona:

Power outage soon to come in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Lightning protection in Scottsdale...a good investment:
Great pics and topic, Susan!

My favorite/best bolts over the cities...

Lightning over Trieste, Italy:

Lightning over Slovenian coast (Koper, Piran, Izola):

Just stunning!! That Trieste shot, very nice. I love how all our shots are so different, I think that is cool. Aaron what city is about to be swallowed up by that huge cell? LOL Doug that one storm looks like a bomb! Amazing. Plus James...Towers of Light...holy cow!! That is so beautiful, nice work!


Supercell bowing out as it enters S. Sioux City May 28 2004.


Severe storm and church in central IN May 25, 2006. I should have stopped driving and got a couple better stills of that.


Supercell entering Tulsa April 24, 2006.

Lightning in west Omaha.
Those are fantastic!!!!

William those shots are downright amazing! You did an awesome job. Wow. Mike that Tulsa bolt...man that is a keeper! Incredible. And Dan your stuff epitomizes urban action! Awesome. I'm glad I started this thread, what a treat to see such rock & roll urban stuff!!
Wow you guys have incredible sharp images! May I ask what camera and lens you used for those shots, James?

This was taken in Omaha, NE on May 29, 2006 at a Phillips 66 station. The sun was just setting and storms were happening in southern NE into northern KS, which made for a nice coloured mammatus pic. We followed the storms that night until around 1 am or so, to watch the incredible lightning displays in north central KS.

It's a bit blurry but I was still trying to get used to the manual focus controls on the camera's kit lens, which is crap if I might add, and will be getting a better lens sometime soon.

My location in the mountains above Denver affords me the opportunity to get some good shots of lightning over the city. Here's some of my favorites so far:



Oh wow those are nice you guys.

Jeez that view of Denver is inspiring. That's a sweet vantage point to be sure. Too bad there's no lightning during the February Chaser Convention in Denver, I'd be up on that hill.

Here's another one I just got this morning, this was the last shot of over 4 hours of constant lightning over northern Denver. I can see that this one hit in 3 places on HW 7 north of Denver near the town of Erie, CO
I think that's a ghost image from reflection inside the camera lens. Zooming up on the raw image it's easier to tell but harder to see on the scaled down image here.
Awesome those shots from William, James and Verne!

I took this anvil crawler yesterday over Trieste in Italy while chasing squall line: