Unbelievable mid-Februrary Warmth in Barrow Alaska

For February I think this is quite amazing for a location at 71N:

"The tremendous surge of warm air from near the tropics has sent
the Arctic coast temperatures to record highs. Barrow was 45
degrees warmer than their normal high on Tuesday in the wake of
the warm front passing through. This set a record for Barrow on

Normal high for 02/15 is -10F, observed high on 2/15 was +34F! This smashed the old record in 1993 by 6 degrees F. I was unable to ascertain if this also busted the all- time February record high.
Yup, but will go back to normal soon

I found the all-time Feb. record high for Barrow is 36F set in 1982. So, yesterdays temperature was only 2F away from this.