Tsunamis, Hurricanes, & Tornados

Jun 24, 2004
This may be boring to some, but I found it an interesting read. Although Tsunami’s are not a weather related incident, it illustrates the growing problem of our ever-increasing need for more energy and the conflicts with Mother Nature. In the last two years, the gulf hurricanes have almost single handedly been blamed for the skyrocketing price of oil. I’ve read that when a hurricane moves through the gulf it can shut down oil and gas production for a week to ten days. When you consider the different countries involved, that’s huge! I’ve often wondered what a large destructive tornado could do to one of those wind farms?

While Gulf drilling platforms may be involved some, I've heard the main reason for higher oil prices is:

1) Higher taxation
2) Refinery: Multiple types of more fuels and additives combined with various ecological restrictions.
3) Higher demand from China and other developing countries.
4) Probable speculation to some degree in the markets and possible fixing of prices / reduction of production by oil producing countries.
5) Political unrest in Venezuela
Tornado effect on wind farms

While even an F1 would probably wreck an individual windmill, tornadoes themselves are only a few hundred meters wide. This would in itself limit an individual tornado's impact on electrical supplies from wind farms. And, at any rate it's well known that wind speed varies; some ups and downs are quite normal and most purchasers of windfarm electricity have other sources of power for when the wind fails.

At any rate, the prospect of a tornado hitting an oil refinery is, to me, a bit scarier because of a near-certain oil escape and the possibility of ignition (wires shooting off sparks, highly reactive chemicals blown together, etc.)
A tornado in a wind farm is a scary thought. Some wind farms (at least the ones ive seen) have mills that have three-pronged pointed arms...a tornado catching one of those...yeep. Chinese Flying Death Star, or something.

I'm not quite sure how hurricanes would affect anything except water temperatures, though.

My worst nightmare is a big tornado hitting a major airport like DFW or DEN throwing $150M planes through the terminals like missiles.
Plus Denver International Airport is a tent, LOL! I've been waiting for a tornado just rip it to shreds. It would be horrible but everyone is expecting it, even the pilots. Actually once, just came to mind, a little tornado went through the parking lot there, it was like an F0 or F1.
My worst nightmare is a big tornado hitting a major airport like DFW or DEN throwing $150M planes through the terminals like missiles. :(

Ther terminals wouldnt be that bad, If a tornado warning is issued Chicago police and airport staff get most of the people underground at a very good pace. i work at ohare and they had to evactuate terminal 5 at 10pm due to a tornado warning (other terminals are empty at that time on a saturday). The real scary thing is if there are planes on the taxiways on ground stop. one time in 2003 there was a huge storm and there were 4 737's, 1 777, 3 757, 4 A319/20 all on the taxiway waiting for clearance to move to the gate. if a tornado had moved thru those it could have easily killed over a thousand people