Tropical storm (err, hurricane!) Vince heading for Europe?

A tropical storm forming where it did (34N), moving immidiately north-east and not west or north-west (or even north), and making its way towards Spain?!

How rare is this?

This is pretty rare, indeed. Usually, Hurricanes don't form in this area, due to certain climatology factors, affecting TS/Hurricane development.
SST’s are warmish enough (23c-34c) to support cyclone development and latest satellite numbers now support 60 knt winds! However Vince is a very small system and will soon be absorbed by a cold front that is surging south East towards it.

Interesting that some of our higher tornado days (numbers wise) in North West Europe occur from frontal passages that contain tropical air.

From the TORRO FAQ.
The largest tornado outbreak in Britain is also the largest tornado outbreak known anywhere in Europe. On November 21, 1981, 105 tornadoes were spawned by a cold front in the space of 5.25 hours. Excepting Derbyshire, every county in a triangular area from Gwynedd to Humberside to Essex was hit by at least one tornado, while Norfolk was hit by at least 13. Very fortunately most tornadoes were short-lived and also weak (the strongest was around T5 on the TORRO Tornado Scale) and no deaths occurred.
I'm not sure if this is a typo, but the NHC site has the system as a hurricane. It doesn't say anything in the discussion or public advisory, but the graphic says "Hurricane Vince"

Edit: Ok, I'm told the advisories now verify the hurricane status.
I'm not sure if this is a typo, but the NHC site has the system as a hurricane. It doesn't say anything in the discussion or public advisory, but the graphic says "Hurricane Vince"

The system is upgraded to a Hurricane as of the 21z advisory package.
This is quite amazing!

It already looked more than just a tropical storm in the sat pic in the first message, with that nice distinct eye.

Could this be the northern-most system that developed to a hurricane? I mean wow, 34N, this is the mid latitudes...
a hurricane(named system 20) with a well defined eye headed off the coast of portugal?

Well, given what has allready happened these past 2 years, Im really not all that suprised.
My friend gave it a good name... the "Spain-o-cane"



Spain-o-cane would just about describe it! I'm beginning to wonder if icewater wouldn't produce a tropical system this year:)

Here is one cool pic of Vince:


Maybe someone of you have any statistics about hurricanes or tropical storms so close to Europe or in Europe? Thanks.

In Cazatormentas.Net we have changed our main page for VINCE, now a Tropical Storm, which is predicted to reach the Iberian Peninsula tomorrow. Clicking over the image in the main page, you will see a topic in which members are monitoring the evolution of VINCE. Very interesting!

It's so incredible to see a hurricane near of my country... :shock: ! I can't believe it!
I think, if possible, we should take an edited version of that picture and make it the Stormtrack logo for a little while, since a storm in that area is so rare.

Just a thought! :)

Spain and, in general, the Iberian Peninsula, has been reached by low systems with tropical origins. But I think (I can not assure it) this is the first time a pure tropical system reaches Iberia, if VINCE reaches it with tropical characteristics...
The Cane in Spain will mainly cause some rain.

And the rain from the Cane in Spain will fall mainly on the plain. :lol:

This is really a shocker. 2005, the year where climatology didn't mean crap!
VINCE is still a Tropical Storm and it's moving to the Cadiz Gulf :shock: It's incredible because a movement to Portugal, even Galicia, was predicted and it has moved to the east, not to the NE or NNE :)

Spanish forums are a bomb this evening :shock: !!!
This has given me a new hope regarding the possibility of a tropical cyclone forming in the eastern Mediterranean :D the sea temperature is definately not a problem with 30C in August-September. And now the latitude may not be a problem anymore :D
Does anyone know why all of the the NHC graphics for Vince remain 'zoomed out' to show the entire Atlantic, rather than zoomed/centered on the storm itself? The storm's track/projected path cone have always been on the edges of the map, to the point of even being covered up by other things on the fringes of the map. I'm guessing this is to show the relative position to the USA but I wasn't sure.