TIV1 coming out of retirement?

Ryan Shephard bought the TIV 1 a couple of years ago. While he is a tour guide for SLT, however this purchase had nothing to do with the tour company itself. Not sure what he plans to do with it.

Ryan bought TIV 2. TIV 1 was sitting at some farm and Sean Casey basically stated that whoever found it could have it. Can't remember who found it though.
I knew Sean had sold tiv 2 tiv 1 just kind of disappeared this just popped up in my suggestions on YouTube according to the comments he has ben looking for it

If it were my truck I would swap a 12v Cummins/NV4500 into it. I heard that the power stroke blew up and that's why he parked it.

Cummins are just indestructible compared to the powerstrokes. They are known to keep running long after the dodge around them has desintigrated.
I did a bit of digging, and it turns out that the owner of the TIV 1 also rides in the TIV 2, some guy named Robert Clayton. James Breitenbach, one of the lead mechanics who helped restore TIV 2. Haven't been too many updates, but from what I know they will be replacing the claws with spikes like the TIV 2, just by repurposing the piston shocks. Sounds like this will be a more science approach than a film approach now, but Clayton said they will be replacing the mirrors with FPV cameras. If this ends up happening, it will be so sick to see both chasing together. Also, all of these people have ties to Silver Lining Tours, but not sure if there is any connection. That would be pretty cool, a storm chase tour in the TIV. Probably pretty pricey though.
(Update) Apparently they are adding rockets to the vehicle too, much like Reed's Dominator 3.
I might leave one in the path of a strong/violent twister, then leave in the other one.

The more narrow drill bit deals interest me more…and what I would like to do is to get one of these:

—Inside a waterspout. Submerge on the way in…and pop up into the “eye.”

No debris…no dirt.
It will be interesting to see an (honest) write-up on the exact science being collected and what they hope to accomplish. Like before, I seriously doubt the vehicle will be filled with professional scientists conducting critical, life saving research. It will likely be people shooting footage for social media glory, like before. My concern is always the false idea that the vehicle can withstand a strong tornado, since the ground effects are only effective if there is a flat surface and it's not interrupted by flying debris.