TIV1 coming out of retirement?

I'm surprised he'd want to resurrect it. By all accounts that vehicle was a highly problematic death trap, and all the others were improvements on it from the lessons learned. Unless it's been heavily modified/rebuilt to incorporate some of those improvements.
Was thinking similarly, Andy. I would think it would be simpler and safer to just design a new one from scratch. Perhaps cost is the driving factor in revamping the old one, though.
Either way, they can withstand very high winds until the aerodynamic downforces are disrupted by flying debris (e.g., telephone poles, other vehicles or building materials) and the vehicle / occupants are hurled away. Using them for hail protection, against weak landspouts, as a last resort or for drama they are great, but not for actually trying to penetrate a violent tornado. I think it's important people realize this -- it's not safe to ride out a tornado in a vehicle. When Phil Henry built the first TIV in the mid-90's, we discussed this at great length, to avoid being over confident.
Remember when both the TIV2 and Dominator were tested for ability to remain stable in the face of 200+ mph winds by the Mythbusters?

TIV2 didn't move, although a door popped open. That's definitely not good.

Yes... but the test was on stable, flat ground under perfect conditions with no airborne debris or spaces underneath to upset the downforce. I don't think it would always be possible to find perfect conditions while chasing. Nor do I think the body would hold up when hit by a telephone pole traveling at over 200 mph.
So I did a little digging and Facebook stalking so apparently the same people who bought tiv 2 have tiv 1 also part of the same group that had the tour accident and Sean is planning on building a three

Seems to me that there might be a little bit of a publicity thing going on here šŸ§šŸ¤”


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There is a guy on Facebook who bought TIV 1 and is restoring it. Can't remember a name but I can try to look for it if you guys want. It was in really rough shape. it's going to need some serious work done to it to even get it running. The interior is nothing short of a mess. I guess it's kind of expected when you leave an old ford with a redneck style custom job on a farm in Kansas for god knows how long.