Threatnet Xmlink Server - Open Port

Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
I was just running Threatnet in conjunction with ZoneAlarm and noticed that the program tries to open IP address port 14996 as an incoming (listening) server. Does anyone have any idea why it would do this? What would it need to listen for on the internet?

Also do you know if the radio id is associated with the Threatnet receiver or the software? I would think it is the hardware, but for some reason it is stamped on my software diskette as well.
I think the port is for that support deal where they can connect to you remotely and help you if there is a problem. Read that in their support somewhere.

The software (the mapping upgrade for sure and probably the regular software) is tied to the radio ID. Prevents someone from using a friends copy of say the mobile one when they only bought a cheaper one, or from getting the mapping upgrade they didn't pay for.